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Industry Activities 

The Big Shot Company in Exquisite Level Small Screws- SCREWTECH
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      ScrewTech started with small screws when it opened business in 1998. In the last 21 years, it rolled out electronic/automotive/medical fasteners, special precision fasteners, special SEMS, lathed parts, and springs within M1 to M14. Among its product line are small screws mostly applied in electronics (e.g., fastening solid-state drives), medical industry, automobile (e.g., fastening instrument clusters or car lamps), and other high-end applications.
Extraordinary R&D Capability Recognized Worldwide
      In my interview with CEO Fion Peng, she pointed out from the beginning that the top strength of ScrewTech is the ability to communicate custom design (including fastening length, thread shape, mating parts, design for restricted space) directly with the development engineers of domestic and foreign clients. ScrewTech can open a direct discussion with the R&D staff of overseas clients, and then the clients will hand over the discussed design to OEMs for unified and compliant manufacture. This provides reduced development time frame, cost and errors for ScrewTech, clients and OEMs.
      Fion gave an example that her company is developing a screw with a special function allowing clients to quickly tell if the screw has already been used. This function will be used to determine whether a product is eligible for warranty. The development is going well and the screw is expected to become a patented product of ScrewTech.
Ensuring High Standard Quality
      ScrewTech has acquired ISO9001 and IATF16949 and is working on acquiring QC080000 (Hazardous Substance Process Management), HSF (Hazardous Substance Free), and ISO 14001. The company is equipped with various inspection equipment including KEYENCE 3D measurement instruments, torque testers, hydrogen embrittlement testers, concentricity gages, and salt spray testers. Also, the products will go through AQL-certified random check, optical sorting and full inspection. Before entering production, drawings are handed to at least 3 people for assessment and checks to make sure the designs are compatible to clients’ desired torque and other requirements.
      “I often say to employees that our products ought to be the representation of high standard quality. Our people should think of themselves as working at an exquisite goods factory and they should deliver products that are worth the high value of exquisite goods,” said Fion. She requires her production line operators to pursue perfection in product appearance and performance: “Treat the screws like you would care for your own children.”
Flexibility & Barrier-free Communication
      ScrewTech offers flexible lead times corresponding to your immediate orders. Fion told that she had booked a whole line of furnaces just to complete a client’s immediate order. Furthermore, she hired a Canadian sales manager to be a contact exclusively for overseas customers. The manager ensures barrier-free communication with them and seeks more American and European orders for ScrewTech. “Come to ScrewTech and we welcome domestic and overseas customers looking for any customized precision fasteners.”
ScrewTech’s contacts
Gerry Johnson, sales manager
Andy Peng, sales assistant manager
Ling Huang, sales coordinator
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