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WILLIAM SPECIALTY is All About Precision & Accuracy: Premium Solutions Covering Quality, Cost, Lead Time
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         A fastener manufacturer and exporter, WILLIAM is a reputable company in the U.S., Eastern Europe, the Mid-East and Latin America. It supplies construction fasteners, electronic fasteners and non-safety auto-part fasteners, including wood screws, self-drilling screws, trilobular thread screws, machine screws, collated screws, and special screws. In 2009 it expanded its plant, adding heading machines, threading machines and other equipment. In 2013, it rolled out its own brand “William” that captivates overseas customers with high quality and exquisite box-design. Fastener World Magazine talked with President, Mr. William Doong in an interview on how he captures every customer’s heart.
Source Control- WILLIAM's Philosophy of "Accuracy"
       William asks that everyone in the company must have good understanding of customers’ demands from the moment they take incoming orders. The first thing he told Fastener World, “Salespeople aren’t just about sales. They should take a step further and do more than the function of a sales department.” Namely, one of the features of WILLIAM is that its sales department must acquire the knowledge of capacity, QC, lead time, manufacturing, box design, packaging etc., connecting the dots of sales, manufacturing, packaging and delivery into their specialty. “Prior to entering production, we will have already discussed through all the details of every process to delivery. We even arrange maximized loadable quantity in every shipment for customers at the time of order acceptance to minimize their costs. They just hand over orders to us, sit back and relax while waiting for their ordered products arriving at their destination. Our goal is error-free order performance and zero customer complaint.”
       Speaking of WILLIAM’s management, there is one thing you shouldn’t overlook. That is, how meticulous he is about the details of procedure control. He requires that risks must be verified, and screw drawings be approved at the point of order confirmation. Production must comply with the discussed international standard. Much more, he requires his staff to narrow dimensional tolerances, so as to ensure outgoing products make a perfect fit for every customer. For quality inspection, WILLIAM does timely checks during producing, and conducts pre-shipment inspection at its own TAF-certified lab. The products will be handed to the packaging department for shipment only if they are perfect.
Delivering Products in Exquisite Packages
       As the interview continued, we found another attraction of WILLIAM in its packaging department. There is no doubt about WILLIAM’s completely standardized packaging process running at high speed with square and fit pack boxes. The point, however, is the labels on the boxes. “There’s a standard format for our box labels. We can custom design boxes or cartons at their own logos on clients’ demands, their specified fonts, barcodes, product images, color markings and so on will be also included.  You can already tell which product of which specification from which company is inside by a look of a box or a carton, without opening it.” Hence, it is evident to say that thoughtfulness, meticulous attitude and sense of trust are William's secrets to captivating customers.
WILLIAM Gets Closer to Every Demand & Pursues Excellence in 21st Anniversary
       William said his company has entered its 21st year and continues to get its ISO, CE and TAF certificates audited every year and necessarily renewed. New products are under development and hopefully will be patented in the future. The “William” products are marketed throughout 5 continents across the world with numerous loyal clients. In addition to existing clients, William welcomes global traders for export collaboration.
William Specialty Industry Co., Ltd. in contact with
Ms. Shelly Chen
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