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Industry Activities 

Expert of Fastener Logistics and Inventory: KAO WAN BOLT INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.
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Complete Product Line in Stock for Ultra-speedy Delivery
     Kao Wan locked on market demands and came up with a unique business strategy to set up “Kao Wan Products Distribution Center” as early as 2001. This is a logistics center and warehouse delivering products across Taiwan. It stocks a complete line of products in all specifications to significantly shorten lead time and satisfy clients’ needs. Kao Wan is so far the largest professional fastener supplier in Taiwan with an all-inclusive coverage of fasteners. The company has a stock of over 12 thousand tons of finished products and around 2 thousand tons of wire rods. The product types and specifications are complete to cope with clients’ orders instantaneously.
Diverse Products, Sufficient Stock, Multiple Service Locations
      Kao Wan’s production and operating bases include the Renwu branch and Gangshan factory in Kaohsiung City, the Taichung branch, and the Chiayi branch. The main products are medium carbon steel screws, A325 hexagonal screws and alloy steel screws. The available items include high-tension hexagonal screws, forged hexagonal nuts, foundation screws, expansion screws, self-drilling screws, tapping screws, eye screws, eye bolts, chemical anchors, wire rope clips, and turnbuckles. These products are applied in steel bridges, hi-tech factories, infrastructure and other new public constructions, machines, hardware, machine tools and assembly industries. The current monthly capacity is 1,500 tons.
Taiwan-wide Logistic Network; Instant and Immediate Delivery
     The headquarters is located in the new plant on Chengong Road in Gangshang District of Kaohsiung City. It includes both production and export departments, as well as Taiwan's largest logistics center and warehouse which have a total floor area (including offices) of 10,247 square meters and stand on over 5,950 square meters of land. Kao Wan has 3 branches respectively in Renwu, Taichung, and Chiayi serving domestic clients and supplying the logistics warehouses.
       With a complete production and marketing system, the company can supply products to clients instantaneously, provide complete services, achieve punctual delivery and increase added values. This represents the company’s ambition and mindset of sustainability. The company has distribution bases, logistics center and warehouses across Taiwan as well as large and complete stocks to respond to and satisfy the demand of clients, providing fast supply and service.
      Kao Wan cares a lot about quality and lead time. The company is ISO-certified and equipped with complete inspection equipment such as French spectrometers, Rockwell hardness testers, torsion testers, etc.
Continuous Expansion to the World Market
      After moving to the new plant in 2018, Kao Wan added an export department and it expects to enlarge its warehouses again. It will increase stock for domestic demand and establish a portion of standard products in stock for overseas markets to shorten lead time. By increasing clients’ satisfaction, it seeks to expand export of Kao Wan products to the world and increase product visibility in overseas markets, and ultimately to become the top of fastener stock, logistics, warehousing, supply and sales in Taiwan. Kao Wan will exhibit at Taiwan Int'l Fastener Show 2020 and its booth no. is N2142.
Contact: Ms. Daphne Wu
Kao Wan Bolt
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