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Thread Tapping & High-Frequency Induction Heating Machines Maker with over NTD100 Million Revenue- Lantech Industrial Co., Ltd.
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

From a Repair Specialist to a Developer

Lantech has stood for 30 years since 1986. General manager Mr. Xiao-Wei Lan said he graduated from mechanical engineering and was a professional distributor of European machine tools including thread tapping machines. He found the collaborative partners were selling low-priced knockoff thread tapping machines, and that prompted him to start manufacturing and refining imported thread tapping machines in 2012. “Thread tapping machines have fair prices with great market demand, and they are less complex in mechanical structure, so I decided to start off from here.” While he was selling machines, he had the opportunity to repair various overseas high-frequency induction heating machines and knew all the knowledge and theories. These machines had very high import prices that were out of the question for many clients. In order to enlarge client base, he started to develop his own machines in 2000, and it turned out that the cost of self-manufacture was only one-fifth of importing the machines. His original machines swept the market immediately after rollout. Now the general manager is a Taiwanese expert of induction heating machines and thread tapping machines, the two which alone have brought him over NTD 100 million revenue a year!


Lantech Thread Tapping Machine

Auto Forward/Inverse Tap + World’s Lightest Tapping Arm

How did he manage to reach the revenue? The answer is Lantech’s delicate product design. The general manager explained, “Our tapping machines have vertical precision. As for our pneumatic tapping machines, users often feel troubled when they cannot control tapping depth, so we designed the most economic and effective device with automatic forward and then inverse tapping mechanism to complete the functions of our pneumatic tapping machines.”


Due to heavier tapping arm structure and vibration caused by the tapping force, an ordinary thread tapping machine can barely tap threads below M2. Lantech developed the world’s lightest tapping arm and power tools with electronic control of speed and torque to fast tap M1-M2 blind threads in response to the demand for tapping fine threads.


Lantech hydraulic thread tapping machine is equipped with quick-change gear box that is replaceable via the opening and closing of fixture. Additionally, the frictionless-arm tapping machine has the following features: (1) economical price, (2) fastest positioning, (3) able to tap M1 miniature threads, (4) can act as a supporting arm for fast screw fastening, (4) can remain perpendicular and completely absorb torque, significantly reduce operators’ arm damage and improve fastening tightness.


Thread taps tend to break during tapping and once they do they would stick in the whole with little chance to remove them. To solve that, Lantech provides broken tap remover that utilizes electric discharge to melt the tap and remove it from the thread hole.


Induction Heating Machine

Energy Saving and Excellent Temperature Control

All the components of Lantech induction heating machine have high precision and strong endurance because they are sourced from renowned brands across the world. Developed by Lantech, the trust-worthy temperature control circuit allows clients’ heated objects to retain stable quality. This machine is widely used in fastener manufacturing procedures including thermal refining of materials, material heating and forging, resin hardening of anti-loosening screws, and hardening of the tapping portion of self-tapping screws. Through thermal output magnitude and precise temperature control, the induction heating machine allows clients to produce fasteners with the least energy consumption, top speed and top stability. The general manager said his company provides on-site installation, after-sale maintenance and components supply for the induction heating machine and the aforementioned thread tapping machine.


Continuing R&D in 2019

Despite the fact that the U.S./China trade war in 2018 has somewhat impacted sales, Lantech was able to remain stable and perform well. The company rolled out full-fledged M1-M2 miniature thread tapping machines and screw fastening machines for miniature screws up to M3. Furthermore, the company developed heating machines for smaller anti-loosening screws and smaller self-tapping screws. “We will develop best-performing products, help clients increase production, reduce product defects, and increase applications and opportunities for other products to meet our clients’ expectation.”


Lantech’s contact: General manager Mr. Xiao-Wei Lan


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