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Industry Activities 

Yee Kun Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.- Professional/Customized Screw Manufacturing & Second-Hand Machine Overhaul/Sales
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by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World


With over 30 years of history, Yee Kun has the edge of knowing all sorts of machinery physics and has successfully tapped into different parts of the world. The company has many self-developed machines as part of its production equipment and devotes to developing various customized screws that span a diversity of types with guaranteed quality. General manager Mr. Kun Ming Liu started at age 17 as an apprentice in a machinery factory. That was how his machinery career began. He built his knowledge base by learning everything from fundamental structure to manufacturing methods. Later, with his brother, he started a business manufacturing heading machines and threading machines. After he got married the brothers have lived separately, and he founded Yee Kun with his wife.


Tailor-Making Special Customized Screws and Machines

Yee Kun started by helping regular customers overhaul their machines. Later it began to develop Taiwan’s first open die header and applied for a patent for manufacturing double-end screws for scooters. At that time, 4 major fastener companies outsourced the manufacture of double-end screws to Yee Kun. That was when Yee Kun started to improve technique and accrue experience. Then it began to extend services to special screw OEM and second-hand machines sales and overhaul to help clients manufacture products more efficiently.


Yee Kun was the very first company developing double-end screws that have been supplied to Taiwanese component OEMs over the years. With superb technique, the company manufactures and sells special customized screws such as double-end screws/bolts, infinite-length screws and bolts, and multi-stroke screws and bolts. Currently its patented open die headers are mostly used in its own production line and can be appended with auxiliary equipment according to clients’ product design. Performance boost can be customized according to product demand.



Quality-Assured Second-Hand Machines Available with Overhaul and Trial Run Services

Yee Kun is a trusted source of second-hand and used screw/nut manufacturing equipment which it acquired from and sold across the world. It can overhaul the equipment as per clients’ demand and offer professional test for clients without leaving them concerned. “We have heard some foreign customer said he bought an unworkable second-hand machine which a maker claimed to work just fine. It turned out that the machine could not even run when it reach the factory. Things like that never happened in Yee Kun. We do a pre-shipment trial run in front of our clients and offer trial manufacture for clients to test or make samples and rest assured that the machines they have purchased are workable.”


Yee Kun has one of the industry’s best skills in customized machine overhaul. Once he overhauled an M16X230L header into a 255L model as a client requested; another time he helped a client rebuild a common header into a hollow riveter and rebuild an open die header and hex head trimming machine into a secondary processing machine; other times a relative was looking for the right material mixing equipment for his new restaurant and Yee Kun designed a tailored machine for him.


The second generation who has started to participate in the company’s business turns his focus on developing client base in new markets, and actively attends exhibitions there to expand sales, utilizes online marketing, attends activities of multiple associations, and advertises. The second generation is evaluating exhibitions in emerging markets and hopes to increase global brand awareness and serve more clients from various countries. On the other hand, the first generation focuses on passing on experience and improving technical capability which allow the company to solve any machine problems.


Yee Kun’s contact: Sales manager Anteia Liu


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