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Wen Yang Machinery Co., Ltd. (Ming Tang)- Quick Components Release/Repair & Exclusive “Centrifugal Feeder”
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by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World


Wen Yang dedicates to improving stability and achieving high operational efficiency for its machines in which the patented design significantly reduces machine malfunction. The company has come up with complete after-sale services and set up standard management for components inventory so that clients can purchase and replace components anytime. The client-oriented business pattern enables the company to increase 30% of sales over last year and gain popularity in the U.S., Europe, Japan, and South Korea as a specified brand for global major corporations.


Quick Components Release and Repair to Save You the Trouble of Long-Distance Travel

Export-driven Wen Yang knows the difficulty of after-sales repair service and operators training. Therefore, besides coming up with a design for operators to use machines with convenience, Wen Yang had a monumental breakthrough in the structural design of machinery components. The company altered all damage-prone components and designed a quick assemble/release device for easy replacement by the operators without sending back their machines to the maker for repair. They just have to inform the maker of the components to replace with, and the components will be shipped out of the standard components inventory, thereby saving the time of personnel back-and-forth travels.


Well-Acclaimed Centrifugal Feeder & Patented Forming Machine

The company developed the centrifugal feeder as a solution to traditional vibratory feeders with low-speed feeding and noise caused by auxiliary wind blows. The inner side of the feeder bowl uses 10mm Polyurethane to increase resistance against abrasion and oil, eliminating the need to specifically clean a screw if it is not heavily stained with oil, and significantly reducing the chances of collisional peeling of the coating and surface as well as thread damage. Traditional vibratory feeders are hand-made and often need to be sent back to the maker for a repair job because the job is pretty strenuous. In contrast, Wen Yang’s centrifugal feeders consist of all standardized components, each of which derives from a full-fledged design layout and is made with CNC machines, much like manufacturing a set of equipment. Whenever clients need a components replacement, the company can ship immediately and thus drastically lower the difficulty of repair. Currently the company has developed a centrifugal feeder for feeding 200mm-500mm screws.


Wen Yang, the relentless developer of new machines, has patents for 2-die-4-stroke and 3-die-6-stroke screw forming machines with features including independently adjustable upper and lower punches, P.K.O. function for each individual punch, new independent fixture and new discharge device. These innovative features are to allow operators to quickly operate machines and set up equipment, and to increase machine stability during screw production.


The company’s washer assembly machines have all components interchangeable according to different specifications, therefore allowing for much more convenient and speedy adjustment and making screw and washer assembly extremely fast and stable.


Rooting in Taiwan & Eyeing the World Market

Wen Yang’s current client base scatters across developed countries such as Germany, France, the U.S., Japan, and South Korea. The company’s machines are mainly tailored to the production of high value-add screws such as those for motor vehicles and aerospace. In the future it will introduce high speed screw manufacturing machines that can produce average screws and standard screws catering to the commercial market, and will tap into developing countries such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Brazil. These countries with great market potentials are expected to attract an enormous amount of foreign investment.


Sam Chang, deputy general manager of sales, said “Screws and nuts are a critical industry to Taiwan. Better business performance in this industry means the screw manufacturing equipment industry will follow suit. The requisite to manufacture high quality screws is to have a stable and high quality screw manufacturing equipment. I believe our persistence and endeavors will bring larger contribution to Taiwan.”


Wen Yang’s contact: Sam Chang, deputy general manager of sales

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