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Industry Activities 

Congrats on Linkwell Completing the New Vietnam Plant & Celebrating 40th Anniversary
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by Michelle Hsieh, Fastener World


Linkwell Industry Co., Ltd. Is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. One of its milestones this year is the completion of its Vietnam plant— Viet-Screw Company. The construction of the new plant was completed recently and would become operational at the beginning of August, 2017.


About the Overseas Plants of Linkwell:





Pinghu City of Zhejiang Province, China

Plant Name

Well Union Metal Sdn. Bhd

PT. Batam Well Industry

Viet-Screw Company

Fastwell Industry Co., Ltd.


9,000 square meters

9,000 square meters

32,000 square meters

20,000 square meters


40 sets of headers;

4 sets of formers

50 sets of headers;

2 sets of formers

60 sets of headers;

15 sets of headers;

10 sets of formers

Monthly Capacity

180-200 tons

200-250 tons

600 tons

1,000 tons


Mostly stainless steel (A2, A4, 410 SS) screws:


Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, dry wall screws, tapping screws, machine screws.

Mostly stainless steel (A2, A4, 410 SS) screws:


Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, dry wall screws, tapping screws, machine screws.

Mostly carbon steel screws:


Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, dry wall screws, collated screws, tapping screws, concrete screws.

Carriage bolts/DIN 603, hexagon bolts, flange bolts, machine screws.

Product Diameter











Each of Linkwell’s overseas plants produces standard products and special products (per drawing). Linkwell provides products in bulk and small packages. It has a one-stop production procedure ranging from wire drawing to heading, threading, heat treatment, plating, quality inspection and packaging.


In addition, Linkwell has been investing in Sunny Hill in Taiwan producing carbon steel screws (mostly small screws like self-drilling screws, self-tapping screws, chipboard screws) at a monthly capacity of 500 to 600 tons. Furthermore, it also has been involved in the joint venture of Jing Fong/Thailock Fastener (Thailand) producing locking nuts (mostly nylon locking nuts and welding nuts).


Currently Linkwell has 85% of its sales to the U.S. and Europe, and has the rest of the sales to Japan, Latin America, the Middle East and the Oceania. President Yen said, “The most important thing in the competitive environment is to maintain stable corporate growth in the industry. In the past 40 years Linkwell has shown quite stable growth.


Linkwell started as a trading company, and then sequentially set up domestic and overseas plants. The “stability” stressed by Linkwell includes the ones with suppliers, with clients, and with Linkwell’s employees. Linkwell has been collaborating with many primary suppliers and clients for 30 to 40 years, and its employees also have 20 to over 30 years of experience. Therefore, it can provide stable and good quality, competitive prices, as well as stable and good service.


Protectionism arises as the international condition becomes turbulent, uncertain and unsteady. However, President Yen thinks protectionism has relatively less impact on the fastener industry. For the time being, the biggest impact on the fastener industry is the problem of excessive supply over demand. Profit relatively grows less if there is competition.


Linkwell has been through a 4-decade journey and has persistently made great efforts to achieve “stable development” in anticipation of improving quality and gearing toward the offering of higher value added products. It has been working hard for a goal to provide good product quality, competitive prices and better service to create mutual benefits and success with clients. President Yen would like to thank you all for supporting and encouraging Linkwell over the past 40 years.


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