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pgb-Europe- The Perfectly Good-quality Brand in European Market
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pgb-Europe, founded by Mr. Marcel Pennoit and Mme. Henriette Grootaert in 1956 and with 60 years of experience in the fastener industry, is a family-owned wholesaler and manufacturer of fasteners, fixings and hand tools. Headquartered in Melle (Belgium), pgb-Europe now has had a factory in Poland for manufacturing SMART® anchors (its own brand) as well as a new screw factory in Vietnam.
Since its inception, pgb-Europe (initially known as Pennoit-Grootaert Bolts) has enjoyed stable and continuous growth in the fastener business. However, such a success did not make the company complacent but thinking about how to bring the company to go further with more successful results. When the two sons of pgb’s founders joined the company in 1983, the company started to demonstrate a fast growth. Product manager of pgb-Europe Johannes Heye, when asked about why the company could reach such a remarkable achievement and scale, said humbly, “We made lots of investments in logistics and we have the ability to offer a complete range of fasteners in uniform packagings. Moreover, we could also offer high quality products at reasonable prices and try our best to create win-win situations for both our dealers and ourselves.”     
As a company which never fears changes and challenges, pgb-Europe took a further step in 2002 to purchase the Polish nylon anchors manufacturer- Esmark, as an add-on to help it create uniqueness and competence in the market. Having a good sense of market trends, product manager of pgb-Europe Heye said, “We believe being next to a wholesaler, it is important that we develop our role as a manufacturer. In that time the factory only produced hammer nail plugs. Thanks to our engagement and investments we offer nowadays a complete range of ETA assessed anchors to compete with the major players in the market.” In addition to the ETA approval, the products of ISO 9001:2000 certified pgb-Europe have been also approved to be compliant with stringent CE standards. Product manager Heye added, “It is very important as a constant guarantee of our product quality and our management processes. Moreover, it becomes also more and more demanded/mandatory.”
pgb-Europe shows the flexibility in satisfying customers from various regions. In order to maintain such an advantage, pgb-Europe established pgb-Asia in 2008 for maintaining the daily contact with subcontractors selected by pgb-Europe, as “they speak the same language and do a good follow-up of all open requests,” said product manager Heye. pgb-Europe currently could offer a wide variety of products under different brands for specific markets based on distinguished strategic decisions (e.g., pgb-fasteners = standard fasteners, pfs = wood screws, Smart = anchors, Hapax = innovative wood fixing solutions, Cosmos = hand tools, Sharpware = drill bits, FG = wood connectors). All those brands belong for 100% to pgb and all is for the betterment of customers satisfaction.
As an exhibitor of Fastener Fair Stuttgart 2017, pgb-Europe (though already having a firm presence in the Belgium market and being a trusted partner for foreign companies) will showcase its very attractive product range to the entire fastener world, especially the unique invisible fastening system for decking from HAPAX brand and a new range of insulation plugs designed and produced by its affiliate pgb-Polska from SMART® brand, showing its creativity, innovation, and effort in offering customers better and more effective product experience. Product manager Heye proudly said in the end of the interview, “Please feel free to visit our booth and we will guide you around in our product range while you enjoy a nice Belgian beer.”
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by Gang Hao Chang, Fastener World