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Taiwan Hardware Show

Date 2018/10/17-2018/10/19

Taichung International Exhibition Center

Frequency Annually
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The Eighteenth Taiwan Hardware Show opened at Taichung International Exhibition Center (TIEC) on October 17-19, 2018. The show successfully attracted companies and buyers from across the world for Taichung’s presence as the core city of hardware and the traffic hub of Taiwan. The scale of the exhibition got bigger this year. There were not only Taiwanese but some Japanese exhibitors. Most of the attendants were traders, manufacturers, dealers and distributors.

According to Fastener-World’s correspondent, 30% of the total visitors were foreigners, mostly Japanese followed by those from Southeast Asia, such as India, Malaysia and Thailand. Besides, there were a few visitors coming from Hong Kong, China, Australia, South Korea, Russia, Turkey and even Lithuania. The exhibition was divided into eight sections including Tools & Accessories, Locks, Fixings & Fasteners, Building Hardware, Gardening & Outdoor Supplies, Automotive Repair Supplies & Automotive Accessories, Machines & Plant Equipment, Safety Equipment & Products this year. Furthermore, the show had two events, Industry Forum and Product Launch, set up by the organizer to catch everyone’s eye.

The organizer said the next Taiwan Hardware Show will be held on 10/17/2019 – 10/19/2019.

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