Wire Düsseldorf 2012 was astonishing and breaking the exhibitor record!
By Anita Chang
Wire Düsseldorf has a great reputation and it hold twice a year. This time, it held in Germany on 26 – 30 March. Such this international exhibition not to mention the scope, the exhibitors and visitors are really outstanding every time. This year, it also broke the record of exhibitor, there were almost 2,500 exhibitors participate in this exhibition (2010 exhibitors: 1,183). Also, the total visitors are 73,500 who came from 111 countries, and this statistic grew 6.3% than the statistic last year which was 69,200 visitors. Besides, the exhibition area was over 106,000 sqm this year, and it grew up significantly than 2008 and 2010.
This year has into 13th Wire Düsseldorf! There are 17 halls in the exhibition area, and it opened 16 halls to exhibit. The exhibition is divided by exhibit products, such as related technique and product equipment of wire and tube, spring manufacture, fastener manufacture equipment, and products, etc. Therefore, Wire Düsseldorf has become the most important exhibition which a lot of famous wire and tube technique manufacture related corporations and traders will participate in, such as WAFIOS AG, SACMA, NATIONAL MACHINERY, CARLO SALVI, NEDSCHROEF, CHUN ZU MACHINERY, etc. were all participate in this exhibition to exhibit innovative wire and tube manufacture technique and equipment, and products. So that it could feast visitors’ eyes on those exhibit products. In addition, there are many countries set up special style national pavilion, such as American Pavilion, Austrian Pavilion, South Africa Pavilion, and Chinese Pavilion, etc. It could show this exhibition had richness highly.
Not to mention Taiwanese companies were also enormous potentiality, besides Fastener World Inc., there were over 60 companies participate in this exhibition too. Among those over 60 companies, there are many companies which participate in this exhibition every time. According to the exhibitor of Fastener World Inc. observation, exhibitors said the quality of buyers were great this year! It could feel there are rich business opportunities because of crowd streaming in the show site.

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