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Industry Activities 

New Plant up at Yearend Targeting Extraordinary Business Opportunity
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     In 2021 the world sees multiple countries lowering social restrictions that lead to purchasers scrambling to buy fasteners and related products, as well as manufacturers trying to get their goods into the only few containers left available for export. The explosive demand as such is expected to persist into next year and probably much beyond. Hisener is one of the top fastener traders and manufactures in China and provides European, Russian, U.S. and South American customers with over 4,000 types of fasteners. Eyeing this extraordinary demand, Hisener is underway towards intelligent manufacturing and high capacity. By doing so, it is planning to grow beyond its current 17% growth rate and exceed its current capacity of 87 thousand tons in order to secure its position as one of the world's largest fastener suppliers.
Support from Scores of Suppliers
“If you want fasteners, just ask us.”
     The company has 150 partnering suppliers who are carefully chosen to help speed up delivering products to buyers. It also offers inventory service dedicated to Chinese clients. You can count on the quality, too, because Hisener is certified to CE EN14592 on structural fasteners and CE EN 14566 on mechanical fasteners and is well-acclaimed by European clients. Its Timber Screws sell well in the European DIY market. All the production process is certified to ISO9001 and re-audited and adjusted every year to strictly monitor and control via a digitalized ERP system.
     It has dimension measuring instruments, metallurgy analyzers, mechanical testers and surface analyzers in its laboratory for quality inspection to secure product quality for clients. It also has its own fastener factory, a packaging line for DIY products and a warehouse. The packaging line’s monthly output can fill about 50 containers. Hisener can do the best to provide what clients need.
Continuing Upgrade to Intelligent Manufacturing
     The company is able to connect each production process by continuously upgrading and improving the automatic inventory and scanning system. This greatly reduces logistics costs and improves the plant’s operating efficiency, making products more cost-competitive. Hisener will continue on its evolution into a smart plant by increasing investment in R&D, production and DIY packaging.
Capacity Will Go up a Notch After Yearend 
     The company purchased heading machines, thread rolling machines, thread cutting machines, bit forming machines and other equipment from Taiwan in order to add capacity. Now with a great prospect on the surge in business opportunity after yearend, the next milestone for Hisener is a new 26,000-square-meter plant to be completed around the end of 2021, and by then the capacity can reach 1,500 tons per month.
     In this special time when the price for everything goes up, Hisener has what it takes to tackle market turmoil. The company will do the best it can to secure clients’ benefits, uphold its commitment on quality, capacity and punctual delivery to become the one that clients can count on.
Contact: General Manager Simon Liang
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