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Industry Activities 

First-rate Clinching Fastener Manufacturer Dongguan Grand Metal Manufactory
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From OEM to Independent R&D
     Founded in September 2003, Dongguan Grand Metal offers various standard clinching fasteners including A286 SP clinching nuts, ISO13918-compliant welded screws and studs, PSM-compliant expansion fasteners and clinching nuts. The company was initially an OEM to domestic clients before it began independent research and development on standard clinching fasteners. It went beyond by recruiting German specialists to do welding tests and mounting to sheet to optimize design. It studies welded fasteners performance and provides clients with solutions to clinching.
High Quality Manufacturing Equipment for Automotive Grade Products
     Dongguan Grand Metal has a full set of clinching products from size M2 to M12, using good materials from qualified steel plants guaranteeing 50% higher quality and performance (torsion, thrust) than what the industry requires. The company is on par with automotive industry quality and is certified to IATF 16949. It offers Dacromet and Zinc-Nickel alloy surface treatment as well as eco-friendly electroplating and heat treatment.
     Its equipment originates mainly from Taiwan and Germany known for high quality and therefore is stable and highly precise. It also has auto packaging machines, auto optical sorting machines and auto feeding machines that it developed with suppliers.
300% Capacity, 20% Revenue Growth
     The company is backed by certificates and guarantees quality. It exports up to 800 million pieces of fasteners a year which take up 60% of its total sales and target sales in Europe, Asia Pacific, the U.S., Singapore, India, New Zealand, Russia, Australia and South America.
     Its new plant in Yangjiang City of Guangdong Province is expected to increase capacity by 300% and will commence operation in 2022. Overseas warehouses are planned to come up in the next two to three years to shorten lead time. Today, Dongguan Grand Metal has emerged as a first-rate clinching fastener manufacturer with a more than 20% expected growth in future revenues.
Contact: General Manager Jason Zhu
Dongguan Grand Metal Manufactory
Clinching Fastener Manufacturer
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