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Portable Torque Testing Device by Wiha Receives German Design Award 2020
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        No more surprises after calibration – a decisive advantage for professionals who regularly work with Wiha torque screwdrivers and use the Wiha Torque QuickCheck, the German Design Award Winner 2020. The German Design Award is one of the world's most respected design competitions and imposes exacting standards when it comes to selecting its award winners. This year's winner from Wiha outperformed the competition due to its design quality and was selected as the winner in its Excellent Product Design - Workshop and Tools category during a jury session lasting two days.
       The practical, portable Torque QuickCheck allows users to perform a quick, easy check on a daily basis to ensure that Wiha torque screwdrivers function precisely. This guarantees safe and controlled work and helps businesses to save time and money by avoiding warranty claims and eliminating the need for reworking. Operation is extremely simple: users insert their Wiha torque screwdriver into the Torque QuickCheck together with the enclosed adapter blades and check the torque tool at 2.8 Nm. The LED light then clearly indicates the result using traffic light colours. Thanks to its compact, handy shape, the Torque QuickCheck is the ideal companion when out on jobs. It prevents any inaccuracies in screw fastenings before the next calibration, which must be performed after 5,000 operations or after one year at the latest.
         The Wiha Torque QuickCheck sees itself as a rapid testing device, guide and auxiliary component to ensure greater safety in torque fastenings. It should be noted that Wiha's quick test device cannot replace the need for documented calibration. However, it does mean that the user will no longer doubt that the torque tool is still operating within tolerances on a daily basis.
German Design Award 2020
Torque QuickCheck
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