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Industry Activities 

Expert-grade Customizable SEMS Provider from Japan SAKAE SCREW MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
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       The ‘60s was the heyday for Japan strutting its stuff when it marked the record of the highest and unrivaled economic growth at the time in the world. In 1968 the nation swept the world with not only its economic success but also its national athletes making historical achievements in Mexico Olympics. That was the year the founder of the company “Sakae” kicked off his career as an OEM in Eastern Osaka. 50 years later, Sakae has grown into a maker of assorted fasteners including hexagon bolts, weld bolts, rivets, tapping screws, threaded rods and special screws, with a primary focus on SEMS.
Having a Request for Special SEMS?
Sakae Got You Covered!
         “We can produce special fasteners that other rivals find difficult to manufacture and give up on, ” said the company. “To produce special fastener shapes, we would propose the materials for use and repeatedly correct the shapes. The final products we make are highly acclaimed by our clients. This is a high challenge that we find very much rewarding.”
        A typical example of the high challenge is producing special SEMS used for thin plates. The company did it by shrinking the incomplete threads portion to a width even smaller than the width of the assembled pan washer or spring washer so that the SEMS can fasten up very thin plates. Generally, shrinking the incomplete threads portion to make it thinner than the assembled washer could cause damage on the washer, but Sakae utilizes unique craftsmanship to produce damage-free SEMS used for thin plates. Today Sakae’s thin plate SEMS are widely used on hybrids produced by a renowned carmaker.
Quality Policy Compliant to Users' Stringent Requirements
       “Lately our users have higher and stricter requirements. To that end, our heading and threading machines are integrated with a device inspecting incompliant workpieces. We are incorporating visual sorting machines as well, and holding training sessions to improve quality awareness of our employees.”
       “The success of our business is supported by 4 of our top strengths,” continued the company, “and they are the proposal capability backed by our knowhow, our catering to the clients in their standpoint, our spirit of taking on challenges and not fearing failures, and our joy in manufacturing as well as our contribution to the society.”
Expert Challenge Taker in Manufacturing
         In recent years Sakae added equipment and set up a new plant to quickly cope with the increasing users demand. Although Sakae has not traded with overseas companies so far, given the current decreasing demand in the Japanese market, the company is actively preparing for transactions with overseas users. Looking ahead, “We are not complacent with the status quo and we will keep ourselves a step ahead of rivals. As we continue to provide satisfactory products, we are hardwired to our spirit of taking challenges and strive to take a leap forward.”
Sakae’s contact:
Mr. Hiroshi Hashimoto
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