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Industry Activities 

Self-taught 0.6mm-4mm Small Screw Expert MATSUMOTO INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
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      The founder of Matsumoto Industry is Mr. Shinichi Matsumoto, a 3rd-generation farmer who decided to cut off from the unpromising farming business and started a new career as a fastener trader. He built a small factory on his land and went from a seller to a manufacturer of fasteners. Unlike some who used to be apprentices at other fastener companies, he never stayed elsewhere but his own factory where he taught himself the know-how to manufacture fasteners. Now the torch of the family business is in the palms of Mr. Shinsuke Matsumoto, the current president of the company which produces 100 million pieces of fasteners per month available in 20 thousand types.
       The company provides small screws (metric/inch), tapping screws, and micro/miniature screws in materials including iron, stainless steel, brass, titanium, aluminum, and copper, and sizes from 0.6mm to 4mm in diameter. Besides orders for batch production, the company accepts orders even for as few as only one piece of custom-made fastener.
       About 3 years ago, Shinsuke’s small screws were used on a Brazilian nanosatellite called “SERPENS” (10cm in width, 30cm in length, and 4kg in mass) used for collecting weather data transmitted from ground sensors. The precision and quality of Matsumoto Industry’s products is a proven fact.
Acquired Manufacturing License of "Noji Lock", the Anti-loosening Screw
        The patent holder of Noji Lock anti-loosening screw is Fastener Giken in Saitama Prefecture of Japan. Matsumoto Industry acquired the manufacture, marketing and sales license of Noji Lock in 1996. Without the use of adhesives, Noji Lock was designed to prevent loosening using its own structure. Viewing from the thread crests to the thread roots you see something like a fish gill or fishhook. As time passes, the engaged female threads wrap the threaded portion of Noji Lock, creating better locking. Depending on various female threads, the longer the time, the higher loosening torque is required to loosen the threads, and hence better locking performance.
Coping with Customized Requests
        For custom orders, the company assesses and determines whether to process the whole order or outsource a part of it to collaborators, and asks customers about their budget. “If you want to try out our quality, you are welcome to order just one piece of our products from our stock or online shop. We have actually had customers from Taiwan who did this and we expect to see more of such customers especially from Asia such as Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, and some other regions of the world,” said Shinsuke. “We even accept difficult orders rejected by other counterparts.”
Opening up Sales Abroad
       Shinsuke said his greatest achievement for this company was when he launched an online shop and began transaction with overseas customers. “Previously our orders had been domestic, but lately we have exported products and completed orders from overseas customers. I’m surprised the online platform has brought inquiries from people who I would have never expected.” He continued, “We stand in the shoes of customers to manufacture fasteners that satisfy them. We look forward to your orders for trial or batch production.”
Matsumoto Industry’s contact:
Mr. Shinsuke Matsumoto, President
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Industry Activities