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Industry Activities 

SANGHVI FASTNERS All-in-One Fastening Solutions Straight from India
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      Sanghvi Fastners was established in 1985 with a vision to give all round fastening solutions to various OEMs and provides 360 degree one-stop solution to various requirements of industrial hardware. Since that day it has evolved into a renowned manufacturer and dealer of various types of fastening hardware. With experience of 33 plus years, more than 600 clients and a product range of 900 types of threaded hardware, the company is a reputed name in the industry today. Its main focus is to provide customised kitting solutions to various OEMs according to their bill of materials (BOM) per machine requirements. Also the ability to give technical assistance as well as the adaptability to customised requirements is its unique selling point. I was approached by the company’s quality manager and interviewed Mr. Bhaumik Sanghvi, president of Sanghvi Fastners, straight from the exhibition ENGIMACH 2019 in India.
Assorted Fasteners Providing 360 Degree Solutions At Your Disposal
Low Cost, High Quality & Flexible Response
       “We are primarily into different types of screws and Allen bolts, said Bhaumik, “ranging from No. 2 to No. 12 in self tapping screws and from 2 mm to 8 mm in machine screws. The length we can provide is from 5 mm to 120 mm. For Allen bolts, they vary from 6 mm to 12 mm in diameter. All types of consumer electronics, automotive parts manufacturers and furniture makers are our major clients.”
       “Along with screws we deal in high tensile Allen bolts, MS washers, ME and HT hex bolts and nuts. Our product range has more than 900 types of fastening hardware. You pick it and we manufacture/ procure it for you. That’s why we say we are a 360 degree fastening solution company.”
ISO 9001-certified with Material Test Certificate
       The president added that his company is certified to ISO 9001 and that his products are quality-guaranteed with material test certificate. “We have qualified quality check managers who are on their toes at every stage of production to test the samples. We make sure we don’t overuse the tooling and change it before it has more wear and tear.”
       Sanghvi Fastners understands the specific requirement and does reverse calculation on the quantity, design and complexity of products. Based upon that, it decides whether to manufacture or import/procure. This is very individual and case-to-case and depends on what is required and in how much quantity.
Open for Direct Export & More Appearance in Exhibitions
        “Right now we are not selling directly to other countries, said the president, “but the dealers to whom we supply and the machines in which our products are used are exported to countries like Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Australia and a few countries in Eastern Europe. However, we are open for direct export if and when an opportunity arises.”
       That being said, the company is looking to exhibit in a couple of fasteners and electronics-related exhibitions. For 2020 it is targeting a 25 percent growth on topline and planning to increase the number of clients by 10 percent. “Do contact us or visit us in person when you are here in India!”
Sanghvi Fastners’ contact: President Bhaumik Sanghvi
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