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Industry Activities 

One of the Designated Excellent Suppliers of European/U.S. Car Manufacturers - YI CHUN Shows Expertise in Precision Metal Springs (Clip Nut) and Stamping Parts Manufacturing
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        Yi Chun Enterprise, located in Luchu(Kaohsiung), is famous for its excellent manufacturing technology of various Clip Nuts and Stamping Parts. In close collaboration with several European/American Tier 1 and Tier 2 auto parts suppliers, Yi Chun has a wide knowledge of features of different automotive Clip Nuts and Stamping Parts. Aside from considering the physical requirements and products safety, Yi Chun also considers the behavior of the operators, who work in automobile manufacturing plants while assembling; as a result, it continues to produce more easy-to-use products without changing the original design.
Technology and Capacity Outperforming Other Competitors
       Through designing new and modifying existing machines, Yi Chun has developed its own unique manufacturing technology with improved capacity better than other manufacturers across the world. “Although one may feel unbelievable that we could manufacture a Nut Clip with the requirements of Maximum Drive Torque Not to Exceed 0.1 Nm, we did it and that proves our capabilities to the world.” says Yi Chun President Mr. Cherng.
       Apart from the steel and stainless steel product, Yi Chun also offers aluminum and brass material not only in stamping parts, but also set screws, nuts, inserts and special parts, giving customers more options in both products and material selection.
       In order to achieve smooth communication with foreign customers, Yi Chun utilizes different channels to deliver its expertise to their customers for problem-solving and experience sharing. Even though the customer is one who has never collaborated with Yi Chun, Yi Chun will also demonstrate and assist in any technical issue.
A Diverse Range of Products for Various Industries
      With an aim at outperforming the world’s topnotch companies and not be confined by the ideas of conventional industries, Yi Chun continues focus on facilities upgrading, new product development, and to improve the manufacturing technology, making it take the lead in the industry and become the indispensable business partner for the leading manufacturers across Europe and America.
    On the other hand, considering the fast-changing environment and market demand across different country, Yi Chun has invested factories in China, Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taichung as a strategic alliance. Through the strategy alliance, Yi Chun utilizes the advantages of each factory's to achieve a win-win situation with their customers.
Making Technical Breakthroughs Continuously and Expanding Business to the Global Market
     In terms of in-plant manufacturing procedures upgrade, Yi Chun has put many efforts in quality control, especially their basic requirement "10PPM for missing thread and foreign parts mixed", as “unthreaded” is the most intolerable defect when it comes to U/J/Push-in Nut Clip product. Through the application of highly automated production and the assistance of the sorting machines, each Nut Clip will be checked step by step before it is allowed to be shipped to the customer.
     In order to respond to fast-changing market trends and customers’ demands, a clear record was kept, includes most standard and best sellers product, with suitable inventory, calculate scientifically. In terms of customized parts, Yi Chun utilizes its superior manufacturing technology to accelerate products shipment and quality.
     Even though many companies continue to hold a comparatively conservative attitude toward the current market status, Yi Chun has an opposite perspective. From the production line facilities upgrade in recent years, replacing conventional equipment by the highly-precision automated facilities to minimize the defect rate; Yi Chun is now planning to upgrade its warehousing system and to apply more international certification within the next 5 years.
     Yi Chun also welcomes any opportunities to collaborate with the sales agent/trading company across the world, to develop the potential market/customer in automotive industry together. With Yi Chun’s expertise, advanced technology and reasonable prices, the collaboration between sales agent/trading company and Yi Chun will definitely bring the win-win result to both parties. Yi Chun will exhibit at Taiwan Int'l Fastener Show 2020 and its booth no. is S1632a.
Contact: Ms. Stacy Tsai
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