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Industry Activities 

Dar Yu Integrates the Supply Chain of Taiwan Fastener Industry, 5,000+ Products in Stock Ready for Immediate Shipment
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     In order to establish an inventory of 5,000+ SKUs, Dar Yu Enterprise Co., Ltd. has developed an efficient warehouse management system to help integrate customers‘ different demands for hardware and fasteners in Taiwan. It continues to offer various types of packages and keep parts in stock for customers as one of its main goals in service. Focusing on exports to Europe, USA and Japan, Dar Yu specialized in pre-packed fasteners, analyzed each customer’s order placement and established keeping units for them, in order to ship products to every customer in the shortest time.
Ready for Use When Arrived One-stop Purchase at More Competitive Prices
      Doing business of pre-packed fasteners is not easy at all. President Allen Hsieh of Dar Yu, who has accumulated many and different customers over the past 30 years, said, “We continue to integrate the fastener supply in Taiwan, including screws, nuts, nails, anchors, hooks, as well as bicycle components. Any product you can name in the supply chain of Taiwan, we can have it for you.”
      The one-stop purchase service Dar Yu provides can help customers save time for searching for suitable manufacturers and better quotes, making their purchase easier. In addition, it can also offer low-volume & diverse categories service, and ship products ready for sales to each customer’s designated warehouse. The reason that it does not provide bulk products is- saving costs for customers. Dar Yu’s customers are mainly from Europe and America, where the labor cost is high. If products are pre-packed in these regions, the cost for packaging materials will be high. Another reason is reducing waste for customers and lowering customers’ inventory pressure.
Keeping Products in Stock for Customers to Ensure Minimum Change in Customers’ Purchasing Costs
      At the times that the costs for land acquisitions or plant establishments are high and that the risk for keeping products in stock is high, Dar Yu still insists on keeping products in stock for customers. President Hsieh said, “Our short-term plan is to locate an appropriate land for establishing an automated warehouse. Keeping products in stock for customers and achieving quick delivery to satisfy customers’ demands will indirectly increase customers’ competitive edge.”
      Facing the volatile capital market and ever-changing material prices, Dar Yu still promises to offer its customers more stable prices, so customers can keep their purchasing costs at a more competitive level. Dar Yu’s ideas of continuously alleviating customers’ pressure and enhancing their competitive edge have made almost all business partners become Dar Yu’s loyal customers.
Helping Customers Choose a Proper Way to Package Their Products
      Good packages can make shelves look tidy and good packaging ways & materials can also help create an impressive brand image and allow end-users to locate products they need easily. At Dar Yu, all plastic packaging materials by injection are made in-house, so the quality and design can be under control. Dar Yu monitors the status of all products before they are delivered, and most importantly, offers more substantial value of products.   
      Dar Yu has many customers from N. European countries, who are well-known worldwide for their aesthetics. One of the customers has been even in collaboration with Dar Yu for 30 years. For the future, Dar Yu anticipates to strengthen its AI warehousing system and achieve more accurate inventory management and efficient customer service. Dar Yu will exhibit at Taiwan Int'l Fastener Show 2020 and its booth no. is N1247a.
Contact: Sales Manager Cleo Huang
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