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Industry Activities 

Fong Prean’s New “Magic Spiral” Head Design Makes a Hit on the Construction Screw Market
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        Fong Prean’s R&D team has developed a patented “Magic Spiral” head design, which can be applied to any screw body and point style, creating a nicely flush and clean surface quite satisfying to many foreign building industry users. The popularity of this design has not only been proved by its increasing orders, but also by many end users contacting Fong Prean for applying the design to their products or even buying the patent directly.
Extraordinary Design That is of High Interest to the Industry
      Although building materials and structures continue to evolve and the market exist several difficult-to-process new types of plasterboards, concrete boards, IPE+Borneo hardwood, the patented “Magic Spiral” design can help create a good countersinking result after being screwed, cause no damage to building materials and prevent wood dust or burrs from occurring, thus keeping a complete and flush surface. With 3 years of development, this design was finally patented in the U.S. and Taiwan in October 2019 and its function outperforms other similar products on the market. Next, Fong Prean will make more efforts to have this design patented in Europe.
        R&D Department of Fong Prean takes everything on themselves from design, make electrode engraving and do the electrical discharge machining (EDM), which not only shortens the average lead time to 2 weeks, but also makes the production of dies more accurate. R&D manager Mr. Chih Chung Huang said, “We had been looking for manufacturers capable of manufacturing this type of design for nearly 2 years, but couldn’t find any in the end. As a result, we were determined to do by ourselves, which not only helped reduce the cost, but also increased manufacturing efficiency and shortened lead times.” He continued, “Thus far Fong Prean has been processing ‘Magic Spiral’ for many suppliers. Its technique and service help achieve quality control and reduction in the manufacturing cost.”

        Fong Prean always does the best to meet every customer’s individual request with 3D Models, which increases the accuracy and avoids times of modifications due to failure. Generally it’ll take two days to complete the design of Magic Spiral, transform into NC code, and make Electrode Engraving. In order to shorten lead times, Fong Prean also processes core dies for electrodes by itself. With those dies, the electrodes on Magic Spiral can be produced within 2 minutes.
Flush and Clean Surface Can be Only Achieved with “Magic Spiral”
       Fong Prean once designed a type of drywall screw for a plasterboard customer, who had difficulty in getting a screw suitable to be used with his new plasterboard and faced poor sales. Fong Prean’s R&D team incorporated Magic Spiral with the screw specifically designed for the new plasterboard, which later made the company’s sales surge. Fong Prean’s largest customer in the U.S. also compared Magic Spiral with other similar products and found that a flush and clean surface could be only achieved with Magic Spiral, after which it placed an order for 60 million pieces immediately.
       R&D manager Huang said, “One of our customers using our product once asked about the possibility of buying this technology, as he was quite satisfied with the result and the previous product with a head he designed could not achieve the expected performance. He then came to us and we solved his problem with our patented head design, successfully helping him develop new products.”
       Fong Prean has a strong R&D team and the patented head design it has developed is impressive to the industry. Huang added, “We are confident that our Magic Spiral is applicable to more than 90% of building materials and helpful in creating a flush and clean surface. As for the remaining 10%, we also have another patent that can solve your problem.” Production vice president Cheng Chang Lin emphasized, “Quality supports the business of Fong Prean and providing the best service to you is our biggest goal.” Fong Prean will exhibit at Taiwan Int'l Fastener Show 2020 and its booth no. is N1106.
Contact: Ms. Donna Sun
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