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Industry Activities 

Hisener Industrial Co., Ltd.- The Evolved Timber Screws Highlighted at FF Stuttgart 2019
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 Founded in 2004, Hisener started as a screws and threaded rods maker and now becomes a global premium supplier of various fasteners in the leadership of general manager Simon Liang. The company firmly pursues quality, competitive price and on-time delivery as its business principles, thereby satisfying the needs of clients in Europe, the U.S., Russia, South America and other places in the world.

 “Timber Screws” Steal the Show in Stuttgart

Expanding DIY Market in Europe

     Hisener is a well-known supplier highly anticipated by the European market. This year they exhibited at the biennial Fastener Fair Stuttgart again to show their achievement from the last two years. “We promoted Timber Screws this year which are one of our top sellers since we have been improving the quality of this product for the past few years. Plus, our new galvanizing line will be launched this year which we hope will lift our quality to a high level,” the general manager commented.

     In recent years Hisener has been developing the European DIY market. “We have been in contact with a few large construction companies in Europe since 2018. Right now we have several large projects for the DIY market under discussion. I believe our capacity of DIY products will set a new record in 2019.”

Manufacturing Process Monitored by ERP for Higher Quality Assurance

     Hisener controls quality through a series of measures to comply with the quality-stringent European market. “Our whole manufacturing process strictly binds to ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and every year we do corresponding audits and make adjustments. We also implement ERP to monitor our products and if there is something wrong about quality, we can trace the cause through this system,” said the general manager.

     Hisener was certified to ISO 9001:2015 and the European CE EN 14592 in 2017, and then CE EN 14566 last year. These certificates prove that Hisener is constantly improving and lifting its quality grade. “Each of our certificates is a commitment to our clients that we must deliver the optimal products to them.” He stressed. “Our current concern is to level up and prioritize first our management.”

Production Line Expansion & Market Outlook

     As one of the largest fastener suppliers in the world, Hisener provides a huge selection of over 4,000 types of products which currently are mainly targeted to the construction, furniture and household applications. When asked about whether to extend his product line to other fields, he said “We will start off from the foundation of our product line and continue to add new products in response to client demand.” Hisener is devoted in new product development to bring more business for clients.

     Currently Hisener’s global business realm is largely taken up by Europe at 35%, followed by Russia at 25%, the U.S. at 20%, South America at 15% and other countries at 5%. And the turnover in 2018 reached 90 million USD. On future market development, general manager Liang said, “Europe is our first and foremost market, and we are still looking to develop other markets and provide more clients with premium service!”

 Hisener’s contact: General manager Simon Liang

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