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GRK Fasteners™ Introduces the Next Generation of Multi-Purpose Framing and Decking Fasteners
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GRK Fasteners, known for offering "The Industry's Toughest Screws," has updated its GRK R4™ Multi-Purpose Framing and Decking Fasteners.
GRK redesigned the R4 to provide professionals increased speed for improved productivity. It does so by addressing pros' top challenges. One such challenge is slow engagement, often "solved" by the common practice of using an impact driver and screw to stab the wood to avoid spinning while waiting for the fastener to engage. 
"We heard from users that getting a screw started in wood was one of their biggest struggles," says GRK product manager, Nick Prazuch. "The new R4 has a Fast-bite tip that immediately starts in a surface, allowing pros to drive more screws in less time."
In addition to productivity-boosting features, the new GRK R4 fastener line was revamped with features designed to ensure better results, including:
◾Fast-bite tip: Immediate start in wood. Eliminates the need for pre-drilling.
◾Precision-fit star bit head: Reduces wobbling, which eliminates the need to hold the fastener as it goes in, allowing for faster, more confident driving, and makes working in tight spaces easier
◾W-Cut™: Reduces installation torque for fast driving and ease of install
◾Optimized thread length: Improves clamping force and drawing power for no gaps between boards and no rework.
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