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Industry Activities 

Creating Profit with Customers, Shiho Screw to Celebrate 50th Anniversary
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

Shiho Screw Industrial Co., Ltd. (former Taiwan Nitto Seiko Industrial Co., Ltd.) has been in the business for over 4 decades with an aim at becoming a “leading brand in micro screw manufacture.” With the investment from Nitto Seiko Co., Ltd. and Ho Tai Development Co., Ltd, Shiho has been dedicated to manufacturing various micro screws, self-tapping screws, cold forged parts and fixings in correspondence with versatile needs of global manufacturing (e.g. cars/motorbikes, home appliances, mobiles, computers, VR, cameras and printers) and the flourishing economic development of Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Its monthly capacity is approx. 0.65 billion pieces. Moreover, Shiho is also a sales agent for Nitto Seiko’s screw driving machines (incl. single-spindle/multi-spindle screw driving machines, screw driving robots), screw feeders, etc. In addition to the HQ in Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Shiho also established Nitto Precision Screw Industrial Co., Ltd. at Jiashan Economic Development Zone (China) in 2002, further improving its capacity and maintaining steady sales growth. In 2019 Shiho will also celebrate its 50th anniversary and share its happiness with the industry.

The Practitioner of High Product Quality!  
Entering Shiho’s factory one could see its insistence on high quality. Not only more than 100 sets of heading, threading, heat treating. electroplating, sorting and packaging machines and devices were installed in its factory, but also 5S and SOP were introduced into its manufacturing line, which completely reveals that Shiho has been always a practitioner seeking high quality. After 1996, Shiho successfully obtained the certificates of ISO 9002, ISO 9001/2000, ISO 14001, SONY Green Partner, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/TS 16949. Its quality management system has been approved internationally.

Made-in-Taiwan Products with Japanese Quality
Having a solid background of micro screws, Shiho is able to offer the optimal products to industries all the times. For example, “GIZA TITE” and “#0 Phillips Micro Screws (M1.4-M2.6)” recently developed by Nitto Seiko are respectively used as perfect “Fastening Solutions”  to provide anti-loosening and meet compact product design required by customers.
“GIZA TITE” Resin Self-tapping Screw: This type of screw is manufactured upon receipt of customer’s order. There are square grooves at 4 points at equal intervals in the longitudinal direction on the outer circumference of the thread, giving it excellent anti-loosening capability even in environments with fluctuating temperature change or vibration. It is widely applied to automotive, cameras, mobiles, home appliances, game consoles, medical and building industries. 
#0 Phillips Micro Screw (M1.4-M2.6): This type of product is used in applications that require compact design and cameras manufactured in Taiwan. Its main markets are Taiwan, China, Southeast Asia, Europe and USA. Speaking of the trend of products being more compact with sophisticated design, general manager of Shiho Hidekatsu/Matsui said, “We plan to manufacture a new #00 Phillips Super Micro Screw (M 0.8 - M 1.0), which will be smaller than micro screws, thus helping customers meet their demand for less weight, thickness and length.”

Reinforcing Core Technology and Extending Business to Other Markets Not Dominated by Japanese Companies
General manager Matsui said, “Screws Shiho manufactures are generally of specifications less than M6 and are comprehensively used in game consoles, cameras, automotive components, etc. However, we’re also convinced that energy-saving automatic screw driving machines will be a very potential market (if considered by labor cost or work safety). In terms of marketing, we also have sales with language skills for English, French and German. In addition, with the core technology of our three business pillars (screws, screw driving machines and flow meters) as well as the “Fastening Solution” collaboration with Nitto Seiko, we could not only consolidate our existing markets with vibrant Japanese companies, but could also extend our reach to other markets.” As is mentioned in the mission statement of Shiho: Shiho looks forward to gaining a firm presence in the int’l market with sustainable operation, creating profit with customers, lower cost and higher quality. 

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