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Starting Business from Precision Hardware, INTAI Technology is Moving Toward Transformation
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by Gang Hao Chang, Vice Editor-in-Chief of Fastener World

When it comes to precision metal hardware manufacturing in Taiwan, the Taichung-headquartered INTAI Technology Corporation definitely shouldn’t be neglected. Since 1988, INTAI has pioneered in the manufacture of precision hardware (e.g. screws for hard disk drive) and with techniques accumulated over the past 3 decades as well as step-by-step transformation, INTAI has also successfully become a company with more than 600 employees and a specialized developer of precision fasteners for automotive, aerospace, precision hardware, medical devices and RF microwave applications. The company has not only tapped into the market of medical implants, but also has become a supplier of automotive nuts, safety chair parts, axle parts and other stamped parts for the downstream assembly plants of leading car manufacturers (e.g. Ford, GM, Toyota).
INTAI’s team has complete & vertically integrated engineering technologies, automated manufacturing facilities and professional tooling R&D capabilities. On top of that, its customers recognized superior quality, competitive prices and a broad range of service lead to increasing orders from the global market as a result. In 2012, INTAI was officially listed on Taiwanese OTC market. 

One-stop Service
A Partner That Supplies “Real Added Value”
From material selection, metal processing, secondary processing, inspection, packaging, re-inspection to final delivery, INTAI always has a dedicated team to satisfy global customers’ demand for one-stop service. They could not only provide customers with R&D suggestions and technical support, but could also ensure the shortest time for products to arrive at customers’ sites. 
Guided by the policies of developing cost-effective solutions and introducing proactive technologies, INTAI is also working relentlessly to develop high-quality, reliable and high-performance parts that comply with IFI, DIN standards and FQA regulations.

Active Participation in Industry-Government-Academy Collaboration in Order to Expand Capacity and Business Territory
Being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, FDA 21 CFR 820, cGMP-QSR and TÜV certified, INTAI has focused more on the business incubating programs for dentistry, implants, SFR and MIM in recent years in addition to medical device manufacture. 
President Mr. Simon Tsai said, “we are taking deeper root in extending our business reach to more market sectors. For example, we’ve been a member of Aerospace A-Team Alliance in Taiwan and co-established with HIWIN and other reps from the industry, the government and the academy “the Central Taiwan Medical Device for Minimally Invasive Surgery and Smart Complementary Appliances Platform” in anticipation of boosting the development of biomedical industry in central Taiwan. On the other hand, for expanding the current capacity and going toward more diversified development (e.g. INTAI’s 3D spine surgery navigation system demonstrated at the showroom of the AI Robot Self-Development Base), INTAI is also in process to set up a new factory at Taichung Houli Science Industrial Park.” 
 Mr. Tsai added, “We will make any endeavor to offer customers better service which though has been widely considered fully-satisfying and sincerely welcome inquiries from existing customers and prospects in the future.”

Contact : Frank Cho

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