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Industry Activities 

Working in Tandem with Customers to Become a Century-old Company Fontec Screws Co., Ltd.
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A professional manufacturer must not only maintain its highly efficient capacity, but also continuously invest in new products development and innovative technology. Fontec Screws Co., Ltd., which is a stable source of special hollow rivets, solid rivets and special screws and which has an average monthly capacity of 0.1 billion pieces, has been dedicated to seeking orders for R&D of automotive fasteners and continuously upgrading its core technology to satisfy the market demand. Orders for low-volume and diverse products will be a focus in the future market, so Fontec will do whatever it can to maintain its flexibility in capacity adjustment and utilize its R&D capability to its fullest.


With years of experience in manufacturing and lessons learned from each time of failure, Fontec considers users’ feedback a very essential message, so it can further strengthen its manufacturing capabilities. In order to satisfy every partner’s demand from any industry sector, Fontec uses materials with the best quality, sets the optimal tolerance and manufactures products with stable quality and price competitiveness at the most suitable manufacturing speed. Moreover, for having the quality and performance of all its products trusted by the industry, Fontec has been also certified to ISO/TS 16949. 


In addition to the honor of being certified, Fontec has purchased a few sets of new forming equipment for improving the capacity and quality stability, not to mention that Fontec has also made a great amount of investment in purchasing more sorting devices to provide more diverse products and better product precision that satisfy top-level buyers’ needs.


Fontec’s products have been marketed around the world for years and the application of its products is very comprehensive. Europe and America are still the main markets of Fontec (around 60% in N. America and 30% in Europe). Fontec is working really hard to go achieve its goals in the next step. Facing the unknown future, Fontec holds an open attitude to any possibility in any industry.


New Plant Project Activated to Expand Capacity 

In the year end of 2017, Fontec’s project of building a new plant in Suzhou (China) will be activated. Its capacity will definitely be multiplied by then. Through the quality management system, additional production line sensor, and optimized manufacturing procedures, Fontec can provide products with higher cost/performance ratios to its partnered customers. Fontec also hopes that it can contribute more to the fastener industry in the greater China region.


In the past 40 years, Fontec experienced many challenges and difficulties, but it could always turn them into opportunities to make itself better and go further to achieve the next goal. Growing from a small company to the current large-scale Linkou-based plant, Fontec considers all challenges and difficulties in the past valuable experience. To Fontec, every order received is attributed to customers trust, so Fontec treasures the relationships with customers a lot. Fontec considers customer satisfaction, employee contentment and successful business as its core value and it wishes to become a company with over a hundred years of history and take its own social responsibility.


Contact: Mr. Chin Kai Ling


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