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South Korean DaeKwang Metal Rolls out Anti-loosening Bolt Utilizing Thread Deforming Technology
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With 40 years of history, DaeKwang offers bolts, nuts, washers, rivets and other fasteners. The anti-loosening bolts currently available on the market adopts ways that require additional attachments such as inserted springs, wedge-shaped double nut fastening structure, machined slots, fixing agent, and coating. These bolts are expensive and only applicable to specific industries. DaeKwang's V-LOCK nut has the threads that brings a double fastening effect with ordinary bolts without the use of thread tapping tools, and its price is 16 times cheaper than overseas counterparts. Based on NAS 3350(KS W ISO 7481)standard, V-LOCK's performance passed the extreme vibration test never seen before on earth (test level (pp)11.43mm; acceleration peak 20.7G; test frequency 30Hz; duration 17 minutes with 30 thousand cycles).

V-LOCK nut has the same specifications as an ordinary nut, and is applicable to the construction, machinery, ship building, electronics, railway, and automotive industries. Currently DaeKwang has test manufactured M12 V-LOCK nut and had it passed the NAS 3350 test. Other specifications are in development.

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