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Phillips Screw Company™ Revamps Their Corporate Image
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The Phillips Screw Company™ has updated their corporate image with the launch of a new logo. The updated logo is a way to help customers better identify The Phillips Screw Company™ as the original inventor and licensor of the Phillips cruciform drive system.

“Our previous logo didn’t truly convey our origins”, stated Ken Hurley, CEO of Phillips Screw Company™. “It was time to update our image and ensure that our customers understand our brand positioning.”The new logo incorporates a set of right-hand threads into the letter “P” of Phillips. Also, there is a graphic of what most would consider a Phillips cross recess head. Phillips Screw Company, Inc. is the world leader in the design of proprietary high-performance fasteners. The company was founded in 1933 and patented the Phillips drive system in 1935. 
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