South Africa Imposes ADD on Chinese Fasteners
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South African Fasteners Manufactures’ Association (SAFMA) which is the representative of 80% of the output from the Southern Africa Customs Union (SACU) has accused China of dumpling fasteners to International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC). This committee has finished the initial investigation report of the hex head threaded screws imported from China (without stainless steel screws), considering those imported products caused the material damage on South Africa industry. As a result, South Africa will levy 104.5 % provisional anti-dumping duty on the involved products to protect the domestic industry from getting any damages before all the investigation are completed.     

Similar to the thread screws, screw sets are the important accessories in the sectors of mining, building and agriculture. South Africa imports about 500 tons of such products per month and the volume is equal to the total output of the local factories. Last July SAFMA filed a complaint and proved the dumping behavior of China. The proofs included the cheap sales, lower price, domestic products being oppressed, low capability utilization, reduced output, enhanced stock, reduced sales and profits. The chairman of SAFMA Rob Pietersma conveyed that this measure is the extension of the anti- dumping duty measure in 1999 on the bolts and the nuts made in China-. The previous measure on bolts imported from China levied an extra tariff as high as a tariff on nuts as high as 122%. ITAC said that this provision duty -has been implemented and it will finished the investigation by November 2nd.

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