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by Gang Hao Chang, Fastener World Inc.


Fastener Expo Guangzhou is a grand annual event in China, only second to Fastener Expo Shanghai. The Expo is now being held at Poly World Trade Expo Center from Nov. 24 through Nov. 26, which has gained the support from domestic and foreign associations and key industrial players. Compared to the Expo last year, more exhibitors and visitors attended the event. Expertise of the Expo has been widely recognized by exhibitors and visitors onsite.


This Expo has been given for 2 straight years on the exhibiting area of 11,300 square meters. About 300 exhibitors showcase standard parts, fasteners for certain applications (electronics/automobiles/construction/wind power/aerospace/solar), stamped and machined parts, materials (wires/coils), molds & dies, machines, inspection, etc.


Guangdong province demonstrates the largest fastener consumption in China, so lots of fastener companies set up their factories or operations within this region. Due to this factor, the Expo attracts several buyers to make inquiries and purchase. About 70-80% of visitors were from domestic factories or exporters/importers, not to mention those from other provinces. In addition to local buyers, nearly 100 foreign visitors from high-level management flied especially for the Expo during the first two days, increasing the internationalization of the Expo. Most of the buyers inquired for specialty parts as well as molds and machines.


The number of exhibitors for forming or inspection machines increased over last year and many of them booked large stands for promoting the brand awareness. Taiwanese exhibitors onsite also said that the record high number of visitors was also observed compared to last year. It is expected that the total number of visitors will break a new record again and will generate more order intake.


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