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New Machine to Make Its Debut- Jern Yao's New Plant Expected to Start Production in Q3 This Year
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Wire Düsseldorf 2024 booth no. Hall 16 / D22  
     Jern Yao Enterprises Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese bolts, nuts and special parts formers developer and manufacturer, is the first choice of many professional fastener manufacturers around the world when considering the purchase of processing equipment with production efficiency, precision, stability, finished product quality and after-sales service. With an average annual capacity of hundreds of units, it provides fastener manufacturers with reliable and durable equipment, and is an important force in supporting the operation of the global fastener manufacturing industry. In response to the ever-changing needs of the industry, Jern Yao continues to invest in the development of new products, and the JBF-13B4SE Former, which will make a debut in wire Düsseldorf this year, is expected to become popular in conversations among European and American buyers.
Long-lasting & Stable Production with Upgraded Performance Configurations
     In response to the global labor shortage in the manufacturing industry, the new and improved JBF-13B4SE Former can produce 135-250 pcs per min. The rigidity of the body and the area of the main crankshaft under stress have been increased by about 10%, which greatly improves the durability. Many upgrades have been made to the equipment, including: new generation of lightweight pneumatic clamps (with high-precision double cams to accurately transfer the clamps to right positions during high-speed production, extending the service life of punches, dies, and parts), 4 plus 1 clamp design (the 5th clamp will take the blanks to the dedicated channel after the product forging is completed, preventing products from being damaged and mixed, thus reducing the defective rate), and the auto kick-out/stopper length adjusting integrated into the human-machine interface (automatic memory and positioning, greatly reducing tooling changeover time), IE-3 energy-saving motors (equipped on all products sold to Europe), digital electricity meter (convenient for calculating carbon emissions), high-efficiency smoke cleaners (reducing air pollution in the factory), and preventive maintenance alerts (instantly reporting production information and abnormal conditions). In addition, remote monitoring is also installed, allowing Taiwan HQ to assist customers in remotely checking machine conditions and troubleshooting.
     "Satisfying customers' demands and investing in growing with them are what Jern Yao has been doing for over 31 years. We have the ability to develop equipment meeting the specific needs of different customers, as well as provide simple solutions or standard equipment based on the nature of the customer's product and cost considerations. We’ve even overcome the inherent limitations of weight and movement of traditional mechanisms to improve the structure of a customer's tooling changeover time (measured in seconds), and successfully met the customer's requirements. We’ve also developed an auto tooling changing robotic arm mechanism to help reduce customers’ reliance on human experience," said Mike Huang, Sales Section Chief.
TÜV NORD CE Certified with All Parts Made in Taiwan
     With many customers in stricter safety regulations countries such as Europe, the U.S. and Japan, Jern Yao has always been committed to improving the safety and automation of its products. In terms of safety and in light of the fact that European customers have been placing more and more emphases on equipment safety and that the governments of those countries have required that imported equipment must be certified to a higher level of CE standard in recent years, Jern Yao has been working hard to lead the industry in obtaining the TÜV NORD CE certification (MD, LVD, EMC), which is known to be the most stringent and difficult to obtain. In terms of product automation, Jern Yao also offers optional motorized adjustments, such as the quick tooling change mechanism and the one-button adjustment HMI to avoid hours of tooling changeover time, as well as other mechanisms to create flush product surfaces and cleanliness, just to name a few. In addition, unlike other companies that often use parts made in China that has less requirements on material stability and processing precision in order to reduce production costs, Jern Yao has insisted on using only parts made in Taiwan to manufacture equipment since its inception.
New Parts Machining Plant to be Built and "5-Face CNC Milling Machines" to be Introduced
     Jern Yao's key components are machined in-house. In order to fully control the parts manufacturing process and improve its machining accuracy, Jern Yao is currently building a 12,562 m2 parts machining plant near its old factory. Upon completion, it will introduce several new high-end CNC machining machines and FOUR 5-Face CNC milling machines that have not yet been introduced to Taiwan fastener industry (machine-part does not need to be relocated after being positioned and they are capable of machining at all angles), thus greatly improving precision and avoiding the risk of subsequent errors associated with traditional machining machines that rely on manual adjustments.
     “The new plant is expected to be completed and put into operation around Q3 this year. By that time, our in-house manufacturing rate and processing precision will be greatly enhanced, further increasing our ability to compete with our European and American counterparts in the international market,” added Huang.
Focusing on Market Trends and ESG
     The global economy is expected to continue to drive changes in supply and demand for fastener machinery. Jern Yao's overall sales continued to grow last year, and despite a sudden shift in global demand for fasteners to a more conservative pace at the beginning of 2024, Jern Yao remains optimistic about the market's subsequent momentum this year, and does not rule out the possibility of rush orders. Jern Yao is also receiving counseling on ESG to respond to the market's growing interest in energy conservation and carbon reduction.
     "When the economy is filled with gloom, we should work hard to improve ourselves and prepare for market changes in advance, so that we can quickly keep up with customers' needs when the economy recovers. If you want to survive in a market where customer demands are changing rapidly, the only way is to work hard to develop new products," said Huang.
 Jern Yao contact: Sales Section Chief Mike Huang    
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