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Gwo Lian Machinery is Approved to Establish Operation in Kaohsiung Science Park
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     The Review Committee of Science Park under the Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan) has approved Gwo Lian Machinery to set up a branch in Kaohsiung Science Park. The total investment value is NTD 220 million. The company develops and manufactures smart wire drawing machines, which can plastic deform metal wires and combine with smart technology. With its presence in the Park in the future, the adoption of smart production can speed up the optimization of production for high quality and help upgrade the domestic  industry.

     Through roller pressing, Gwo Lian extends the service life of dies to 10,000 tons and increases the speed from 600 meters/min. to 1,200 meters/min. The unique thermal displacement cooling system can lubricate and prevent clogging. Gwo Lian's machines combine with a life expectancy alert system for critical components, temperature control system and maintenance alert system, and can get access to maintenance information online via network connection to a specified workstation.
Gwo Lian Machinery
Kaohsiung Science Park
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