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Industry Activities 

Early Deployment for Customers- William Expands Sales to 5 Continents with Its Self-owned Brand
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     When it comes to Drywall Screws, Self-drilling Screws, Chipboard Screws, Thread Rolling Screws, Machine Screws used in the global construction, electronics, and non-safety automotive fastener industries,  the self-owned brand of William, “William”, is definitely one of the unignorable options. Since the debut of the “William” brand with delicate design and excellent quality along with customized service in 2013,  William has gradually replicated its reliable corporate image already established in European and U.S. markets to new emerging markets like the Middle East and Latin America.  Through the model of “one agent in one country”, William has successfully introduced its brand to the supply chains in Oman, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Kenya, and Uruguay. And, such an expansion is still ongoing.
Fully Integrated Production Lines and Service;
Making Every Effort to Achieve “Absolute Customer Satisfaction”
     Unlike other industry peers only dedicated to OEM production, William provides fully integrated service from order acknowledge to package design, and final delivery.  As all members of William  have a wide knowledge of capacity, product design & production, quality control & inspection, packaging, and shipment,  William can always provide service that is professional, integrated, and beyond customers’ expectations.
     “Our employees are required to train to learn how screws are made and categorized. Through practical sales experience, they’ll get a clear picture of our current capacity, special manufacturing cases, and sub-contractors. They’ll be also able to make adjustments in manufacturing to respond to different customers’ demands and carry out good quality control plan.  Our production control division submits its next-month delivery schedule at end of every month and can coordinate shipment service and book shipping space for customers to ensure delivery punctuality. If a customer needs to change quantities on certain specifications of his order two weeks or one month ahead of shipment, it’s fine to us. And, if required, we are also able to ship out the order for a single or certain specifications within 30 days.  We can even give customers recommendations on their package designs,” said President Mr. William Doong.
Modern Quality Control System and  Product R&D
     William has its manufacturing procedures, products, and service regularly audited by quality management systems every year.  Thus, so far, it has been certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 17025 in latest version, and can provide customers with complete inspection reports upon delivery. 
     On the other hand, William makes every effort to develop new products and has recently released with its sub-contractor a new type of Deck Screws with improved thread design, which are mainly used on hardwood and not necesarry to have sharp point cut to achieve quick drive and better pull-out strength.  
Continuous Deployment in Developing Markets to Make More Customers Experience the Advantages of “William”
     Since the  creation of “William”, it has continuously made a brilliant performance on the market and almost achieved the growth of around 10-20% per year.  In addition to sales to the Middle East market, William also hopes that it can expand sales to Southeast Asia (such as Thailand and Malaysia) and other South American countries. Its website has been added the Spanish version in August to shorten its distance to Latin American customers.
     President Doong said, “besides no compromise on fastener quality, we also aim to the standardization, pleasing appearance, and practicality of packaging very much. Batch numbers also mark on every carton of our products for track-back. Furthermore, the way of “one person in charge for one client” and the vertically integrated operation also enable us to help customers track their order status and make responses to their inquiries more efficiently.  All of these are the advantages we have been recognized by customers for years.”
Contact: Shelly Chen, Sales Manager
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