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Industry Activities 

Globally Known for a Trio of Patented Screws- A-stainless International Co., Ltd.
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     President Howard Tsai has had nearly 40 years of experience in the fastener industry. He co-founded A-stainless with General Manager Asser Liu in 1988 which mainly develops and exports special wood screws, industrial SEMs screws and construction screws. For more than 2 decades the company has served a wide array of clients. It can manufacture IFI/DIN/ISO/JIS/BSW-compliant standard products as well as customized products as per drawings. It can also develop patented products that are time-saving and fit for purpose with powerful functions.
Square-Thread / Double-Spiral / Milled Point Screws; Patented in Numerous Countries
     The company’s special products are patented in Taiwan, the U.S., Europe and Japan. The thread design of its Square-Thread screws and Double-Spiral screws for instance lowers 40% of drive-in torque compared to chipboard screws, completes the job with less effort, and decreases the chance for head rupture due to insufficient hardness and torque as the stainless steel screw drives in the workpiece. The design is favored by clients and triggered mimicking by rivals.
     Besides several patented wood screws, A-stainless develops and manufactures self-drilling screws. Since forged-point production which is ubiquitous across the industry in the past decade has had problems on unstable tapping speed, the company collaborated with machine companies to develop a special cut-off machine for manufacturing Milled-Point screws with a highly stable tapping speed. A drive-through test confirms that the Milled-Point screw delivers more stable tapping speed, drives through more efficiently and through thicker workpieces as compared to forged-point screws.
Authorized ttap® Manufacturer; Diversified Service
     Besides product development, A-stainless has been authorized by a world-renowned header punch company to manufacture the special patented ttap® header punch, empowering its products with more functions and competitiveness. Furthermore, the company invests in an wire drawing plant that manufactures 0.2-10mm stainless steel wire products including cold-headed wires for screws, spring wires, mesh wires, and EPQ Wires. It not only works on integrating upstream and downstream production to control screw material quality, but also provides clients with more diverse service.
Safe Through Two Crises in 2020; Capacity to Increase This Year
     The U.S./China trade war and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 turned the Taiwanese fastener industry into a state of chaos. In 2019, the trade war made American customers switch orders to Taiwanese and Southeast Asian countries and made the heyday for Taiwan fastener industry. In 2020, the outbreak of the pandemic made American and European customers withdraw orders and postpone shipment, causing piled-up cargoes and hiatus of production. Later on, the pandemic eased and American and European customers placed a myriad of orders to Taiwan that drove the capacity of local factories over the rooftop, and hence there was a chaos of material shortage. Thanks to vertically integrated production and clients’ trust, the company was able to tide over the crisis.
     Looking ahead this year, A-stainless will continue to develop screws with new functions, increase capacity, train technical staff, and improve quality control to meet clients’ demand on service, quality, lead time and price.
Contact: General Manager Asser Liu
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