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WEI IN Receives Taiwan Patent for “Clinch Nut Oblique Pattern Forming Die”
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     Taiwanese clinch nut manufacturing expert Wei In Enterprise Co., Ltd announced that it has made a breakthrough in nut processing technology. It has successfully developed a new tungsten die for forming oblique patterns on nuts and has received a Taiwan patent with a 10-year validity. This new die can be used to help domestic and overseas customers with the demand for forming oblique patterns on nuts produce nuts of higher quality and better performance. 
Direct In-die Forming Without Secondary Processing
     Wei In President Ming Che Kuo said, “In the past, if our customers would like to process oblique patterns on their nuts, they all needed to use traditional secondary CNC machining, which also means the extra addition of procedures and manufacturing cost. Moreover, the resultant quality was oftentimes not as good as they originally expected. As a result, in order to completely solve the problems our customers used to encounter in processing and simultaneously improve the quality and reinforce the performance of nuts, our R&D team kept working closely with our associate factories and technical partners to revise drafts and design and finally presented the patented die to the market after more than one year of dedication.” 
     With the help of this new type of oblique pattern forming die, companies won’t have to adopt the costly secondary processing and heat treatment in their manufacturing procedures and can have products cold forged directly in dies, thus greatly saving material costs, creating excellent dimensional precision, achieving more efficient production, reaching better mechanical performance, and reducing possible pollution to the environment due to secondary processing.
     President Kuo added, “Take our previous batch of orders for 50,000 pcs of nuts for example, we only spent around a week to finish all forming processes with the new forming die. If we want to adopt the secondary processing (excl. other processes like tapping), we will have to spend at least 10 days to finish all processes. As a result, our processing time can be greatly saved, which can indirectly reduce lead times for our customers’ orders as well.”  
Exclusive Technology from Taiwan
Wei In: We Want to Do What Other People Have Not Considered to Do Yet!
     Having been certified to ISO 9001:2015, Wei In continues to help customers produce their products, which are mainly sold to automotive, motorbikes, bicycles, furniture, and general appliances industries and most of which are customized. Since its inception in 1990, Wei In has gained lots of customers from Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia. The number of its nut manufacturing equipment has also increased from 2-3 sets to 22 sets. In addition to direct export, Wei In also works with traders for export and domestic sales.
     Wei In sales representative Ms. Penny Kuo said, “Being the only one Taiwanese company providing in-die oblique pattern forming service, what we provide to our customers is our excellent technology, and our customers can also rely on our technology to create higher added value for their products. Take those nuts processed with our newly patented die for example, the most significant advantages of them are high bearing capacity and anti-loosening performance. We can help our customers choose the most suitable proof load, torque, and tensile strength as per their demand to ensure the safety of their products.”
     Facing the future market changes, President Kuo particularly noted, “If the demands of customers continue to exist, Wei In’s dedication to the R&D of products will never stop. In the future, we’ll also make every effort to reinforce the development of customers on the global market and make more customers get the opportunity to experience our leading technology and service.” 
Wei In contact: Ms. Penny Kuo (sales rep.)
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