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Industry Activities 

Professional Customized Screw Supplier Chin-Tieh Screw Co.
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Transformed to Fastener R&D and Manufacture
     Chin-Tieh Screw has been operating for more than 20 years in a 1,100 square meters manufacturing facility located in Dadu District of Taichung City, Taiwan. Starting off as an OEM, Chin-Tieh Screw was driven by market competition to successfully transform into a fastener developer and manufacturer specialized in construction screws, stainless steel screws, long screws, self-tapping screws, carbon steel screws, self-drilling screws and special screws. Besides screws, the company provides washers, nuts, pins, double end screws, and adjustable screws.
Customized Products as per Clients’ Requests
     Chin-Tieh Screw is well aware of thread performance and characteristics, knowing how to produce fast-tapping and high-torque screws that save time and costs. The company can also help develop special screws in accordance with clients’ drawings. Particularly its construction screws demonstrate excellent performance by achieving multi-point cutting, reduced friction, light loads, better chip discharge, and low rate of wood cracking. Chin-Tieh Screw can provide clients with the best balance catering to both costs and quality.
Automated Equipment & High Quality Control
     Chin-Tieh Screw purchased automated fast-running fastener manufacturing machines to cope with clients' demand for mass production or small-batch customized production. The company strictly manages product specifications and quality throughout the whole manufacturing process from heading to packaging, in order to comply with domestic and overseas clients’ requirements. Within its facility is an inventory zone stocking finished products ready for shipping to responsively cater to clients’ purchase demands.
     In response to the drastic change in domestic and overseas markets, Chin-Tieh Screw is devoted to developing new screws based on profession and technique and maintaining great quality to provide clients with products of high added values and maximal profits.
Contact: Ms. Wu Yuh Ting   
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