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Industry Activities 

Fastener Cornerstone Firm & Steady Through Market Storm- Linkwell Industry Co., Ltd.
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     Linkwell is one of the pioneers dedicated in fastener trade. It extended to fastener manufacture in recent years, utilizing both roles as a manufacturer and trader and supplying assorted fasteners to the machinery, automotive and construction industries. Dubbed as the department store of fasteners, Linkwell builds an international business empire with bases in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Taiwan, as well as products sold to Europe and the U.S. All of its overseas plants support one-stop and streamlined production flow with stable quality, starting from material handling to production, processing, electroplating, packaging, shipment and inspection. Each overseas plant has its own feature and competitiveness recognized by buyers. For the past 43 years of its history, Linkwell stands through the Financial Crisis, U.S./China trade war and even the rampant pandemic.
Hitting Best Sales Record
     Linkwell has been characterized by stable growth. In 2019, the trade tensions between the U.S. and China moved purchase orders to Taiwan and Southeast Asia. This benefited Linkwell with plants in both Taiwan and Southeast Asia and set the company to hit the best sales record. The Southeast Asia plants have their respective characteristics. The Vietnam and China plants feature carbon steel screws (Vietnam: mostly small screws ; China: mostly large bolts). The Indonesia and Malaysia plants mainly manufacture stainless steel screws (Malaysia: mostly special screws ; Indonesia: mostly standard screws). The Vietnam plant has been operating for 3 years and is full-fledged with a complete process from heading to threading, slotting, heat treating and electroplating completed under stringent quality control. For the past year, the plant has progressed more and is expected to gain more orders.
Table 1.
Pinghu City (Zhejiang Province of China)
Plant Name
Well Union Metal Sdn. Bhd
PT. Batam Well Industry
Viet-Screw Company
Fastwell Industry Co., Ltd.
9,000 Sq m.
1,2000 Sq m.
32,000 Sq m.
20,000 Sq m.
40 heading machines
4 forming machines
50 heading machines
2 forming machines
62 heading machines
15 heading machines
10 forming machines
Monthly Capacity
180-200 tons
200-250 tons
800 tons
1,000 tons
Mainly stainless steel (A2、A4、410 SS) screws and small screws.
Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws.
Mainly stainless steel (A2、A4、410 SS) screws and small screws.
Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, self-tapping screws, machine screws.
Mainly carbon steel and small screws.
Self-drilling screws, chipboard screws, drywall screws, collated screws, self-tapping screws, concrete screws.
carriage bolts (DIN 603), hexagon head screws, flanged bolts, machine screws.
Product Diameter
Turbulent 2020
     2020 is met with an unprecedented challenge to the global market. Starting July, many countries lifted lockdown and the European and American market demand slightly regained its vigor. Linkwell observes that material price surge has driven up stainless steel fastener price for 3 consecutive years, whereas carbon steel price remains unchanged or slightly upward with little possibility of going downward. On top of that, fastener importers reduced their stock in the outbreak of COVID-19; therefore, purchasing demand is expected to hopefully increase starting August.
Looking to Form Global Supplier Strategic Alliance
     They say “Risk is Opportunity”. The pandemic forces the issues of labor upon the fastener industry. Development toward equipment automation and workforce rightsizing will be crucial to improve products’ added values and facilitate manufacturing efficiency. Furthermore, Linkwell is anticipated to form a strategic alliance with interested potential partners to provide versatile products and service, and work together to reduce costs and create maximal profits for clients.
Contact person: Ms. Paggy Chen
fastener trader & manufacturer
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