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Tips of High Quality- Apex Fastener Manufactures Nuts with Self-developed Patented Equipment
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      Apex Fastener International Co., Ltd. is specialized in the R&D of flange nuts, weld nuts, and prevailing torque nuts with the specification of M4-M30. Its monthly production is 900 tons and its markets include many countries having car and motorbike assembly and manufacturing industries, especially those in Europe. Apex Fastener is a subsidiary of Yeh Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd., which has more than 3 decades of experience in the fastener industry. In December 2012, Yeh Cheng, considering the increasing number of overseas customers, established Apex Fastener in order to offer a more complete range of high quality service.
The Unbeatable R&D Strength
      Well-known for its R&D strength, Apex Fastener also has its own R&D team and self-developed machines to manufacture prevailing torque nuts.  “Apex Fastener’s R&D team has developed the most stable patented machine for prevailing torque nuts in Taiwan. As the mechanical design and structure of these machines help create excellent working stability, the quality of our products will be stable as well,” Apex Fastener Vice General Manager Daniel Cheng says. The next step of Apex Fastener will be to strive for enhancing the quality and efficiency of manufacturing equipment, such as prevailing torque nuts machines, thread tapping machines, etc.
Always Putting “Satisfying Customers’ Requests” in High Priority
      In addition to continuously enhancing its product quality and R&D strength, customer service is also what Apex Fastener values the most. “To fully understand what customers need, improve the professional knowledge of staff, satisfy customers’ requests, and even help them simplify their work have been always the mission statements and value of Apex Fastener and the reason that we could become a successful fastener business,” Vice General Manager Cheng says. Focusing on customers’ demands and helping them increase efficiency and profit have been the rule of thumb of Apex Fastener.
      Vice General Manager Cheng also added that, in his previous experience in dealing with customers inquiries he once ran into a case which the customer required his stock to be replenished within one month to ensure continuous production due to some urgent demands, so after coordination and communication with the customer, Apex Fastener finally produced the products and supplied to the customer, successfully keeping the customer’s manufacturing line running. Later, this customer even went out of his way to Taiwan to express his gratitude to Apex Fastener and both sides have thus far maintained bonded friendship with each other.  
      Developing Intelligent Equipment to Reduce Man-made Errors
      For achieving better manufacturing quality, Apex Fastener has also developed machines with a fool-proof design to reduce the risk of man-made errors. In addition, staff training and communication are also included in its key training programs. With all these mechanisms, relevant problems resulted from machines or staff can be solved and avoided, and the product quality can be enhanced, too. Apex Fastener has received the certification of ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and TAF. It has an in-plant laboratory to control quality on its own, which strictly abides by all testing requirements.
Supporting Customers During the Pandemic
      Facing the global Covid-19 pandemic, Vice General Manager Cheng said, “After discussions with customers about the pandemic, we’ve determined to temporarily suspend our supplies to customers and postponed shipments until the overseas car and motorbike manufacturers reopen their plants and the pandemic curve becomes flattened.” Apex Fastener is on the same boat with its customers and wants to be the strongest support to them. Vice General Manager also noted that the whole world has been suffering from the spread of Covid-19 since the beginning of 2020, greatly impacting the plans of Apex Fastener, however, the health and safety of employees and ensuring stable incomes for them are much more important, so Apex Fastener will continue to hold on and secure its present advantage through 2021. In the future, it may also consider offering nut and screw assembly parts as per car and motorbike manufacturers’ requests and setting up warehouses overseas.
Contact: Mr. Daniel Cheng    
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