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Industry Activities 

Expert in Furniture Fasteners “Made by Zyh Yin” Creates Value for Customers’ Brands
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       Being one of the designated fastener suppliers of a N. European multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, Zyh Yin Ent. Co., Ltd. has years of experience in furniture fastener manufacturing and quality control and also has a wide knowledge of specifications and functions of fasteners. As a result, Zyh Yin is very strict with every fastener manufacturing procedure and attaches much importance to quality control. It continues to enhance its manufacturing capabilities and added construction screws (for in-house and outdoor assembly) into its product portfolio, all of which have won a good reputation in the industry. 
Close Collaboration with Affiliated Wire Supplier to Shorten Lead Times and Optimize Quality
       In terms of production management (e.g. shortening preceding procedures for material supply, or managing each manufacturing procedure), Zyh Yin is relentlessly looking for ways for improvements to solve problems on manufacturing lines and meet customers’ requirements for specific lead times. In addition, Zyh Yin’s affiliated enterprise, Syong Shun Metal, which is specialized in wire coil processing, also plays a critical role in offering Zyn Yin high quality materials in time and helping Zyh Yin lower the defective rate and ensure high manufacturing quality and better performance.  
       Having focused on the business of various wood screws for 4 decades, Zyh Yin is nowadays a manufacturer with a considerable production scale and its effective cost management allows the company to offer the best competitive prices. Another reasons that Zyh Yin could establish long term partnerships with its customers are its quick response to customers’ inquiries, active attitude to quotes, responsibility for customer complaints, and improvements to prevent problems from happening again.
Introduction of New ERP System to Ensure Int’l Standards Compliant Manufacturing Procedures and Logistics
       In order to strengthen suppliers management, Zyh Yin has introduced a new ERP system. Through having manufacturing procedures connected to this system, relevant divisions of the company are able to observe the status of each manufacturing procedure efficiently. In terms of quality control, the system can also help the company conduct traceability of products in cases of quality complaints, which is not only helpful in analyzing causes of certain quality issues, but also useful in preventing the same problems from happening again.
      Zyh Yin has been in collaboration with overseas customers for so long, so it has strict requirements for corporate management, production cost management, manufacturing procedures optimization, rights and interests of workers, supply chain safety management, social responsibility and environmental protection. Recently it has also received the ISO 28000 certification, which not only shows its dedication to offering customers a safe supply chain management, but also is helpful in reducing the Customs clearance and logistics costs of customers. 
Creating Value for Customers’ Brands as Its Commitment
       Zyh Yin accepts orders and launches production only after customers have confirmed the specifications they need. Such a strategy allows Zyh Yin to satisfy demands as per customer’s drawing and required specifications and offer a variety of customizing service, which simultaneously helps reduce the pressure on inventory and increase flexibility over business running. Through accurate time control over material supply and the sequential manufacturing procedures, as well as forecast based on customers’ order placements, Zyh Yin is able to effectively shorten lead times.
         With 40 years of experience in collaboration with overseas customers and professional manufacturing technology, Zyh Yin is still working hard to improve its manufacturing capabilities, enhance capacity & quality, and optimize lead time management, which have been all recognized and appreciated by customers worldwide. When it comes to fastener supply, Zyh Yin is the best choice that you can definitely rely on.
Contact: Mr. Jaime Hsiao
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