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Industry Activities 

Chun Kai New Round Pipes Straightening Machine and Plate Flattening Machine to Advance Market Applications
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     Representing more than 50% of the shares in Taiwanese straightening machine market and generating overseas sales more than the double of its domestic sales, Chun Kai Machinery Co., Ltd. has released this year the all-new CK-230 steel pipe straightening machine and CK-900 plate flattening machine. Chun Kai is one of the leading straightening machines providers in Taiwan and has over 20 years of experience in this field. It cares about customers’ demands for straightening machines to help complete their tasks and offers superior quality and a complete range of service. The previous straightening machine model functions with the mechanism of “hammering” and the curves of parts are inspected with naked eyes, which prolongs the interval of processing and which cannot be considered cost-effective in terms of the quick pace of modern industries. As a result, through the use of the modern high-speed and highly precision straightening machine, the inconveniences and disadvantages found on the previous straightening model can be solved.

Two New Models on the Market

     CK-230 Steel Pipe Straightening Machine can be used to straighten various steel and stainless steel round pipes. It can process pipes in lengths of 400mm-6,000mm, in outer diameters of 10mm-40mm and in thicknesses of over 0.2mm. Straightening is fast completed without damaging the appearance.

     In addition to the straightening machine, Chun Kai also developed the new CK-900 plate flattening machine, which can be used to flatten plates, control thicknesses, press flat and recover the flat appearance. Its applications range from various flat parts, optical components of cameras, stamped electronics parts, blades of ice skates, scissors, automobiles & motorbikes, to bike gears. The machine is controlled by a stepless frequency converter.

The Classic CE Certified Straightening Machine by Chun Kai

     Another bestseller of Chun Kai is the CK-601 step-type auto-feeding oil pressure straightening machine, which has been certified by CE and patented in Taiwan and China. This specificpurpose straightening machine is applicable to various large-size screws and headed spindles. If used with a step-style auto-feeding machine, it can process longer material, larger amount and a wider range. The feeding machine can accommodate 200-300 pcs and is able to straighten parts in lengths of 100mm-600mm and in outer diameters of M8-M24. The straightening accuracy can reach around 0.02mm (speed:6-7secs per pcs) and can be customized according to CE requirements.

The 1st Choice Among All Straightening Machines Providers

     The team of Chun Kai continues to develop new models and dedicates to the R&D of new technology and equipment other manufacturers cannot compete with. Chun Kai’s machines can be flexibly adjusted to process various parts as per customer’s request. In order to create straightening machines that completely fit with customers’ requirements, both the inspection of materials from suppliers and repeated tests of assembled machines must be seriously conducted before shipments. Such a strict quality control ensures at least one decade of service life of Chun Kai’s machines and clearly shows the durability and high quality of Chun Kai’s products.

     In addition to focusing on the R&D of straightening machines, Chun Kai has also developed a series of models, such as oil-pressure straightening machines, “run-through” straightening machines and press-type straightening machines. Chun Kai has been always putting its focus on the R&D of highly automated machines and will also continue the improvement of products and develop more competitive straightening products.

Contact: Mr. Chin Chang Huang


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