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Industry Activities 

The Wizard at Construction Fastener Design - Joker Industrial Co., Ltd.
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World

Dubbed by many of his customers “the wizard,” President Pang Ching Huang of Joker Industrial Co., Ltd. has always got quite a few innovative ideas for improving customers’ products and procedures on his mind. In addition to understanding what customers’ needs are, Joker could even develop new products for customers to satisfy their engineering demand and is happy in doing it at all times, which may be why its customers are also willing to exchange their innovative ideas for products with Joker.

A Wide Range of Construction Fasteners Featuring Patented Design and Excellent Performance
Joker’s “Sissy Stud” is well-known for its 3 different patented threads, which help generate very strong engagement while the screw is being drilled into concrete and offer more excellent pull-out force and anti-seismic & anti-loosening performance compared to other well-known brands. Sissy Studs are installed with high torque by power tools, which can greatly enhance work efficiency. Considering the total cost of construction projects and high wage levels in Europe and USA, Joker has been quite active for years in promoting this type of concrete anchors in these regions. The benefit created by less work time required far outweighs the price difference between traditional anchors and the new type of anchors.
Anyone can easily recognize Joker’s “Wuga” hollow wall anchor among many different anchors, not only due to its exceptional design, but also its “being welded” feature commonly adopted in manufacturing hollow wall anchors. “Why welded? As quality is the only thing matters,” Mr. Ryan Huang from Joker noted. “In the modified integral stamping process, it is difficult to monitor product quality. Moreover, if viewed by its manufacturing theory, products formed by this process feature some weak points and are at the risk of failure while being installed. However, Joker’s “Wuga” manufactured through a more expensive welding process features not only high strength, but also patented design to prevent it from failure while being installed. Its ease of installation is also better than that of other integrally formed products.” 
The patented Sleeve Anchor Joker co-developed with two other engineers from Hilti shows excellent pull-out performance at all concrete conditions and its patented design also allows users to complete continuous installation of anchors, which is labor and time saving. Joker offers products of high quality and more excellent performance and is always active in expanding its market territory. Mr. Ryan Huang further added,  “Our customers are very willing to discuss new product developments and improvements of existing products with us. If you go visit us at trade shows, you may see that many customers come to us with their drawings in hand for further discussion.”

The First in Taiwan to be Accredited to
ETA Option 1
A majority of Joker’s products are currently sold to the European market (around 70%), followed by USA (15%) and Other Regions (15%). According to Joker, the economy in E. Europe in recent years has been growing really fast, which boosts consumption in the market, so consumers’ demand for fasteners seems to be increasing as well. 
Already accredited to ISO 9001 and ETA-14/0374, Joker has also successfully had its Sissy Stud accredited to ETA Option 1 in 2014, making it the first Taiwanese manufacturer to get the accreditation. In response to different market demand, this year Joker has also added more head and size variations into its Sissy Stud series to allow more users to experience Joker’s excellent Sissy Studs. 

Contact: Ms. Amy Huang


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