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Helic Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.-Excellent Performance and Precision Help Increase Customers’ Market Share
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World


10 years ago, Helic Cutting Tools (“Helic”) co-developed and introduced “Flexible drill bit” with an U.S leading hand tools supplier (Brand K). Due to the sophisticated design, superb drilling performance, precision concentricity and reasonable price of “Flexible Drill Bit”, Helic and Brand K managed to defeat the major competitor, Brand G, at that time and take place with the highest market share in an extremely short time, which Helic won for itself the name - Speed Terminator.

The Cutting Tools Manufacturer Recognized Worldwide

When Helic extended its business to New Zealand and Australia two decades ago, it immediately found that the material its tools were going to be used to process was ‘Australian Hardwood (one of the three hardest hardwood species in the world and sometimes called “as hard as steel”). Different from other wood species commonly seen in Taiwan and other markets, Australian hardwood is very hard to be drilled. In the period of R&D, many competitors responded to market demand with a conservative attitude and resulted in failure. However, Helic, adhering to the spirit of “trying the best to win” and with a great deal of experience in product development in various markets, introduced the concept of “bi-metal” to woodworking drill bits, which could not only achieve the expected performance, but also reduce the cost for customers. Such a success has made Helic gain remarkable reputation throughout New Zealand and Australia. Thus far, Helic has had several customers from railway, power pole and fence industries. For years, Helic dedicate in developing “Stepped rail auger bit” in AU, NZ region for railway repair and maintenance. The unique “second step” is designed to drill one hole with two diameters to match a standard rail screw spike. Up to date, Helic has more than 6 different specification Stepped rail auger bit and more on going.


The Biggest Value of an OEM- Utilizing the Manufacturing Expertise to Help Customers Achieve Their Goals

In terms of hand tools and hardware markets, many customers hope to be distinguished from others through new specification development, new functions, better performance and diversification of appearance. Helic has always been developing products for customers, which is the biggest value of an OEM, i.e. utilizing the manufacturing expertise to help customers achieve their goals. To deliver the core value to its customer, Helic introduced “Bi-metal auger bit” (made of two different metals) to increase drilling efficiency and decrease the cost of woodworking auger bit, which the auger bit has become an iconic product of Helic Cutting Tools.


Manufacturing Integration to Reduce Man-made Errors

Integrating manufacturing procedures which used to be implemented on various machines, Helic developed a multiple-process integrated CNC machine for manufacturing drill bits to enhance manufacturing efficiency and product accuracy as well as reduce differences of parts resulted from being processed in various machines and by different operators, thus creating quality stability better than other competitors and shortening each processing time to increase capacity. Helic takes the lead currently in its manufacturing technique and it will make the most of this strength to develop more product series.

With a wealth of experience in manufacturing various drill bits, the R&D of shape design, the expertise in heat treating materials and knowledge of how to make bits drill quick and smoothly and durable, Helic continues to leave its industry peers behind and has gained significant market share. In terms of the global market, Helic exports directly to its overseas customers, who then distributes Helic’s products to the local markets. Helic’s products can be categorized into five applications: Construction, Electrician, Power Pole and Fence, Metal processing and Railway maintenance.

Helic is now actively expand its product line and extent its tools’ application to diverse industry, for instance, glass/porcelain/concrete drilling and automobile maintenance industry, to enhance its competitiveness in the global market.

Helic’s founder Mr. Lee once went to Japan to learn manufacturing technology of woodworking drill bits and dedicated himself to manufacturing woodworking drill bits after he returned to Taiwan in 1963. As time goes by and the industry continues to grow, Helic, founded in 2006, was sensitive to market demand, and then take advantage of having manufacturing technology and the passion for R&D, successfully tapped into metal and masonry drill bits accessories. Although the company now has a new name and goals in the market, President Lee continues to remind all employees of not forgetting Helic’s mission statement and offering service to customers and associate companies that support Helic.


Contact: Mr. Lee


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