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UJEN Development Co., Ltd.- Stylish Clamping Knobs with Color Combinations for Your Own Choice
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by Nai Wen Chang, Fastener World


The name of UJEN respectively stands for Unique, Jaunty, Esthetic and Noble. The company is dedicated to developing easy-to-use, esthetic, durable and unique hardware accessories for enhancing product quality of customers. “Continuously Improving Quality & Creating Value for Products” has always been the DNA of UJEN.


Globally Admired “Luxury” Series and High Value-added Products

UJEN has successfully turned clamping knobs into luxury series, which help customers create the competitive edge of their products and reveal the value of their brands. In addition to commonly requested color combinations, UJEN also offers clamping knobs in various materials with customized quality surface finishes (e.g. water transfer printing, carbon fiber pattern, metal-like painting, etc.). UJEN can also offer products with a soft touch and comfortable gripping experience, enabling customers from any industry to find the most suitable and high-quality clamping knobs for their applications. UJEN is the first company that successfully developed such delicate clamping knobs. Vice general manager Chen said, “Our products are 100% made in Taiwan and we’d like to make this unique technology known to the whole world.”  


UJEN’s stylish clamping knobs are of unique shape design and can be customized with different color combinations. With four types (convex, concave, flat and dot) for selection, the round of knob's top is also categorized into the inner circle and central circle, which can be in seven different colors as per customer’s request. There are nearly 200 combinations for each stylish clamping knob. UJEN adopts RoHS compliant nylon and fiberglass as materials to reinforce the strength and durability of products. Its screws also feature flat and chamfered ends to reduce the damage to mating pieces. In addition, it also adopts electroplating friendly to the environment and produces RoHS compliant products exported to Europe. Chen added, “Our products with delicate design and various color combinations can not only help companies improve their brand image, but also increase the competitive edge of their products.”  


Ergonomic Flat Clamping Knobs / Easy-to-use and Safe Patented Indexing Plungers

Another new product introduced to the market is Flat Clamping Knob, made of nylon + fibers, which allow for more extraordinary shape design, new curves and ergonomic gripping experience for customers. Chen added, “Our flat clamping knobs feature caps more flat than other common plastic knobs and are more economical than other metal knobs. Such products are mostly used on sophisticated instruments or products requiring more space.”」


UJEN has acquired a Taiwan patent since 2012 for its indexing plungers (alert type), whose internal pin can be raised and fixed by pulling the knob and turning it to the right. Moreover, when the internal pin does not revert to its original position, a mechanism will immediately pop out as an alert. Such improvements and R&D clearly show the effort of UJEN in product and function innovations and its will to offer customers better service. Chen added, “We hope to develop one or two new products every year, including model design or function modification.”


Future Market Prospects

The proportion of UJEN’s domestic customers to foreign customers is 8:2. Its foreign customers are mostlyfrom Canada, Japan, Italy, and Sri Lanka, etc. If viewed by industry, its customers are mostly from sports equipment, support holders, small sophisticated instruments and woodworking machinery, etc. Chen said with excitement, “I received some customers’ feedback telling me that our price was very competitive and of high quality. I also saw that several Japanese customers at trade shows were satisfied with our products.” When it comes to whether UJEN will take any step to increase its market share, Chen said, “We plan to introduce the ISO quality management system as it’s necessary if we’d like to expand globally.” This shows the determination of UJEN to make changes and expand its global business territory after the 2nd generation takes the helm of the company.


UJEN contact: Max Chen (Vice general manager)


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