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Jin Shin Chyuan Industry Co., Ltd. (J.S.C.)— CNC Machined Parts Specialist with 30 Years’ Experience in Special Screws & Precision Parts
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by Nai-Wen Chang, Fastener World
For the past 30 years, J.S.C. has been dealing with CNC machined parts and is very experienced in manufacturing special screws and parts. For this reason, there is not a type of special screw that the founder Amos Huang cannot produce. The plant, said Amos, adopts multi-functional machine tools combining machining, milling and drilling in one process. These machine tools can manufacture various special parts in 2.5mm-42mm diameters, and up to 180mm diameter per single workpiece. Therefore they are more advantageous for higher precision, speed and efficiency. They can significantly improve the precision of parts and processing efficiency, and shorten manufacturing time and the time until delivery.
Professional CNC Technique & Fearless to Take on Any Challenges
J.S.C. has worked for almost all industries, including the automotive industry with very strict requirement on precision parts and general industries that use metal parts. J.S.C. is very confident of its manufacturing quality and the products are guaranteed to satisfy customers. The main equipment of the plant is CNC sliding head lathes. Unlike average lathes, this type of lathe can do all the things from forming to heat treatment in a single process. With higher precision and more flexibility, CNC sliding head lathes can cope with higher manufacturing difficulty even if it has to handle special materials or special angles.
J.S.C. has made a reputation with its technique that brought inquiries from many Taiwanese and overseas companies, because an experienced professional like J.S.C. is exactly what they need to manufacture special parts. The most challenging special part is the one with a 2.5mm inner diameter that requires the operator to cut in a 0.5mm depth within a 0.7mm gap. This kind of special part would break a tool bit immediately after the bit goes in, but that won’t be a problem for Amos because with 50 years of experience, he can nail it and deliver products on time. For many years he has been praised by loyal clients. One time Amos machined the same workpiece 40 times just to meet the quality required by a client. In return, the client left a comment saying that he had never seen a collaborator working as hard as Amos did. Amos is very experienced in CNC machining, and he can always work his magic to make satisfying products that others just can’t.
100% Product Yield Rate
Besides having the ISO9001 certificate for QA assurance, J.S.C. closely monitors quality throughout the manufacturing process. True quality control means to constantly notice and fine-tune the status of equipment and to carry out personnel training. J.S.C. is most serious about manufacturing quality and every workpiece should be flawless the moment when they are manufactured out of the machines. 100% product yield rate means total perfection for each J.S.C. product fresh out of the machines. As a part of quality assurance, J.S.C. uses high quality materials originating in Taiwan and it can process brass, stainless steel, aluminum among many other materials. That is how J.S.C. can stay in the business for 30 years continuing to push the limits of CNC machining.
Diverse Equipment & Improved Quality
J.S.C. has a sizable manufacturing area and a large capacity to cope with large demand from clients. Besides CNC sliding head lathes, J.S.C. has high-speed automated lathes, CNC automated lathes and various other equipment to satisfy different clients. Amos said parts machining is not a difficult thing for anyone who wants to learn it, but to satisfy clients requires years of experience in this business, and J.S.C. is already 30 years ahead of rivals. Unbound by its origin and always taking a higher level of challenge, J.S.C. has the experience and unique technique to outlast.
J.S.C. contact: Jam Huang
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