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Japanese Nitto Seiko Develops AKROSE Technology Capable of Joining Different Kinds of Metals
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(Image source: Nitto Seiko press release)

In recent years, the automotive industry in particular has seen increasing demand for weight reduction and higher intensity. Multi-materials are gaining attention for their ability to combine metals of different characteristics and other materials. There are 3 types of junction processing, including mechanical joining (screw fastening, riveting, pressing), chemical joining (adhesive), metallurgical joining (welding, friction joining) with their respective strengths and drawbacks. Nitto Seiko developed AKROSE Technology (Patent No. 6383385) to secure the joining of different types of metals. The prdoucts made from this technology will be launched for sale starting November 1, 2018. The target is to manufcature 1 million pieces by 2020 and supply to the automotive, battery, household appliances, electronics and infrastructure industries.


■ Strengths

(1) Joining multiple types of materials

Able to join any materials used for cold forging, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. Able to join multiple types of metal materials exerting various material characteristics (strength, conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc.)

(2) Capable of complex shapes

Utilizing cold forging, the company can create diversified and complex joining by controlling material shapes. Furthermore, products utilizing this technology can increase added value through secondary processing.

(3) Improved tightness and conductivity

(4) Improved torque resistance on the joining portion

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