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Statistical Process Control---Lee King Technology Guards the Quality of Fastener Inspection Equipment
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by Finnick Wu, Fastener World


How to guarantee the quality of the finished fasteners? Fastener visual inspection machines play an inseparable part in that. Lee King Technology Co., Ltd., located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, was founded in 2005 and now with the management guidelines of “professional manufacture, innovation & sustainability”, is a maker of automatic electronic semiconductor equipment, electronic carrier bands and screw optical sorting machines. In the leadership of president Mr. Kuan-Jen Wang, the company started to integrate electronic part appearance inspection with mechatronics, and after understanding the need of the screw industry in Kangshan District of Kaohsiung City, the company turned to develop screw sorting machines and headed on to the field of automation.


Statistical Process Control for Swift & Accurate Fastener Sorting

Lee King provides electronic screw visual inspection machines (SV0204), 6-axis robotic arm visual positioning size inspection machines (AT-100R), nut visual inspection machines (SN-100), nut internal thread inspection machines (NV001-TG), special long screw visual inspection machines (SV0210-2-QC). All the equipment provide full screw inspection as well as customized sorting. In order to achieve customers’ goals, and provide complete, convenient and efficient services, they can add more portions to inspect if needed. Lee King is most proud of the SPC system installed on their machines which can analyze the cause of sorting anomalies and trace the root of the problem during the manufacturing process, making the quality control flawless.


Usually customers demand speed and accuracy for fastener inspection. Lee King can have both factors precisely under their control, even on portions where it is difficult to inspect. With more than ten years’ experience, Lee King can provide the most effective solutions satisfying customers with no complaint. The equipment is designed and built up all by their professional engineers, so they can discuss with customers effectively and fix mistakes in a short period of time should any problem occur on the equipment.


Applying for Patents & Expanding Market Share Across China

With the motto of “Quality & Service First”, Lee King handles quality with full attention and effort, checking on their inspection machines periodically to ensure they function well. To protect the company’s intellectual property rights, they got the certificate of ISO : 9001_2015, applying for many patents to secure the company and the equipment. Lee King participates in many fastener fairs in Europe and America, increasing the exposure of the company and offering better options for selecting screw inspection machines. In addition, they have set up plants in China, a.k.a. the world’s factory, to expand their domain and serve more clients. Simplified equipment, accurate sorting and maximization of economic benefits are Lee King’s constant advantage.


Lee King’s contact: Sales manager Mr. Dien-Yu Wu

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