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Continuously Introducing Innovative Rivet Tools & Rivet Nut Tools for Global Sales Expansion Karat Industrial Corporation
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World


Karat Industrial Corporation is a well-known riveting tool expert in northern Taiwan with 35 years of experience. It specializes in design, R&D, production and export of high quality manual and pneumatic -hydraulic riveting tools supplied to the aerospace, industrial, automotive, fastener and hardware tools industries in the U.S. and Europe. It targets the high-end markets, and features self-developed industrial and professional grade rivet tools and rivet nut tools that are 100% manufactured in Taiwan. Besides building up its own “KARAT” brand, it works with world-renowned brands and has many of its products patented in the U.S., EU, Taiwan, China and other countries. The company can provide third party CE Certificate from German TÜV Rheinland for all of its quality-tested pneumatic hydraulic rivet tools and rivet nut tools.



“KARAT” Featured New Products


1. High Quality ANS-80 Industrial Grade Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool, Hand Spin-Pull-Hand Spin Type

ANS-80 provides excellent functions. Its powerful traction force can produce 10,600 N at 6.2 bar or 2,380 lbf at 90 psi compressed air pressure, and 12,000 N at 7.0 bar or 2,700 lbf at 100 psi compressed air pressure. It has an adjustable stroke of 0-7mm to provide accurate fastening.


In terms of its design, it has interchangeable threaded mandrels and nosepieces for installing M4 ~ M8 or # 8 ~ 5/16 rivet nuts made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other materials. It has optional threaded sockets for installing rivet bolts (studs) of the aforementioned sizes and materials. The hand grip is made of non-toxic PAHs-free soft plastic, and whole tool is compliant with EU RoHS and REACH SVHC requirements for environmental protection. It is shockproof and has the innovative noise silencer and twin air inlets. Its unique adjustable fastening speed allows users to install rivet nuts at a low speed to fasten paint-repaired car bodies or thinner work piece, plus the hand spin-pull-hand spin mechanism is designed for unscrewing the rivet nut from the fastened work piece to avoid damaging the paint-repaired car bodies or thinner work piece. It has the innovative fix-hole design to easily solve the nerve-racking problem of rivet nut stuck with the mandrel.


Its hydraulic cylinder and air cylinder are made of high-strength aluminum alloy with wear-resistant mirror finish on their inner surfaces. The piston rod has hard chrome plating and wear-resistant mirror finish to increase work efficiency and extend tool life. Other critical parts such as threaded mandrels are made of high strength alloy steel and go through advanced heat treatment for rigidity and durability.  


2. ARV-206 Industrial Heavy-Duty Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rivet Tool, with Vacuum System

ARV-206 has a stroke of 15.8 mm or 0.62”. Its powerful traction force can produce 14,700 N at 6.2 bar or 3,300 lbf at 90 psi compressed air pressure. It can easily set 3.0/3.2 ~ 6.4 mm or 1/8 ~ 1/4 blind rivets made of aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc., also can set most structural rivets. It has shock reducer  and noise silencer for comfortable operation. Its vacuum system can automatically suck the mandrel of blind rivet into working nosepiece, and eject the spent mandrel into the spent mandrel container after setting blind rivet. It comes with an oil refill hole for quickly refilling hydraulic oil, and a spent mandrel container to keep working area clean. It also equips with the patented Rivet Size Hole Gauge™ to eliminate choosing the wrong size of blind rivet and working nosepiece. The hand grip uses the same aforementioned non-toxic materials. The whole tool complies with EU RoHS and REACH SVHC requirements. The Tool comes with interchangeable nosepieces with size mark 3.2 ~ 6.4 mm (1/8 ~ 1/4).


As one of the greatest features, its hydraulic cylinder is made of high strength forged aluminum alloy with hard anodized finish, and its air cylinder is made of high strength aluminum alloy with powder coating finish, making the whole tool valuable looking and durable. The hydraulic cylinder, air cylinder and piston rod all go through the same aforementioned surface treatment. Other key parts like jaws and collet cases are made of high grade steel alloy and with advanced heat treatment for strength and durability. These together form the main characteristics of KARAT ARV-206 Industrial Heavy-Duty Pneumatic-Hydraulic Rivet Tool.


High-value Brand Marketed Throughout the World

Karat Industrial’s rivet tools and rivet nut tools all adopt TQC system and the quality is unquestionable. The company can design innovative product with special functions. What’s more, Karat offers one-year guarantee with its hand tools, delivers on time and provides speedy service. This has allowed Karat Industrial to gain trust and acclaim from world-renowned major companies while the company exhibited across the world for the past years. Words are spread among global counterparts that the company provides tools at Germany’s quality and Taiwan’s price. Karat Industrial will undoubtedly continue to innovate and develop next-generation KARAT tools that are worth looking forward to.


Karat Industrial’s contact: Sales Manager Mr. Alan Ko

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