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Professional Snap Fastener Maker Exporting to Countries Across the U.S., Europe, Asia -- Ming Shing Hardware Co., Ltd.司
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by Dean Tseng, Fastener World

Ming Shing started the business as a manufacturer of hardware components and fasteners when it was founded in Changhua City in central Taiwan. Now it offers not only metal fasteners, rivets, snap fasteners and customized screw fasteners as per clients’ drawings, but also a wide selection of hardware components including industrial and medical snap fasteners, small hardware accessories for (leather) garment, and automotive hardware.

Precision Manufacture, Stringent Quality Control
The metal components and fasteners from Ming Shing are mostly available in iron, copper, aluminum and stainless steel. Over the years the company has developed products of various sizes that are compliant to standards universal to the international market. These products are widely used in (leather) clothing accessories, scooter/bike seat cushions, car interior, electronics and medical care equipment. In addition to standard products, the company provides products tailor-designed to buyers needs. “There is no magical formula to quality control but to strictly monitor product manufacturing procedures. We follow the guidelines of precision manufacture and stringent quality control. Through our highly sophisticated production equipment, we can develop, design and provide high quality hardware and fasteners, meeting and satisfying clients’ requests.”

Covering Domestic & Overseas Markets
Actively Tapping into High-end Medical & Customized Product Markets
While covering both the domestic & overseas markets, Ming Shing is actively expanding its export routes. The domestic sales are handled by its sales representatives making deals with numerous clients collected over the years. The overseas sales are conducted through Internet marketing and local importers, through which the products are sold to many private brands and finished product processors.

In the past few years, Ming Shing has started to focus business on two primary targets— medical health care equipment and customization markets— and actively developed hardware components and fasteners. For example, its medical spring type snap fasteners (with embedded springs; sizes including 11mm and 12.5mm) also come with a magnetic type, and can couple with customized workpieces (8mm). The spring and magnetic type snap fasteners are widely used in heart rate detectors and other sophisticated medical equipment, because their metal surfaces are nickel and silver plated and have the biggest advantage of providing better electric conductivity. Ming Shing highly anticipates the growth potential of medical and customization markets. As a professional supplier of hardware components and fasteners, Ming Shing already has taken a critical role in the automotive, clothing, medical and electronics markets and exported to multiple countries in the world. The future sales growth of Ming Shing is well expectable!

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