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Industry Activities 

Celebrating 45th Anniversary, Sheh Fung Offers Customers High Quality Service with an Attitude for Sustainability
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Having dedicated itself to the R&D and manufacture of self-drilling screws and coated screws for years, Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd. is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. With the operations in Chaotou, Yong’an and Mituo (totaling nearly 43,000 sqm), Sheh Fung continues to offer global customers the OEM, R&D and manufacturing service. To review the development history of Taiwan fastener industry, Sheh Fung is definitely one of the leading old brands, which also shows the corporate image of “mature and energetic” as well as “innovative, modern and customer-oriented” brought by the sitting general manager Kent Chen and his excellent team.

Flexible Management to Meet Various Customers’ Demands

“The current customers’ demands have changed a lot. In the past, a certain screw might be applicable to more than one area. However, nowadays customers would require unique design and the manufacturing procedure is also more complicated than ever. As a result, strict and flexible management in manufacturing becomes a must and only with such management could quality and volume required by customers be both met,” general manager Kent Chen particularly noted while speaking of customer service.  For Sheh Fung, which exports 1,300-1,500 tons of screws per month and whose revenue is 70% generated from Europe and USA, achieving good quality control, satisfying customers’ demands and establishing a reliable image on customers’ minds would be especially important. Accordingly, Sheh Fung has been actively going forward for years to achieve goals like standardized management, streamlined manufacturing and better customer-oriented service and has invested a lot in setting up its new modern factory located in Mituo (Kaohsiung) on par with European or U.S. standards.  Chen added, “Over the past 45 years, Sheh Fung learned about the truth that flexible management and modern streamlined facilities are the foundation whether a company could achieve sustainability or not. Creating such a clean, tidy, bright, ventilated and oil-less factory was indeed a challenge to us, but was a must-do. With the addition of this new factory, we could not only improve our control over capacity and quality and streamline our delivery schedules, but also reinforce the confidence of customers in our ability to complete the missions, which is of the highest importance. Our Chaotou factory is mainly responsible for plating & heat treatment, the Yong’an factory takes care of coating, and the Mituo factory focuses on the screw manufacturing process and packaging.”

Being Always One Step Ahead and Taking the Lead for 45 Years

- Leading Manufacturing Procedure

Chen said with confidence, “The team of Sheh Fung would never allow a small mistake to become a big problem and would take precautions against any possible problem.” This is also the reason that Sheh Fung has been working relentlessly these years to establish a Smart Factory. Through the intelligent scheduling system, a more efficient and timely manufacturing procedure could be created, helping achieve flexible control over deliveries to customers, fully satisfy their requests and provide higher value added service. Although 90% of Sheh Fung’s products are customized, Sheh Fung is still trying its best to satisfy different customers’ demands.

- Leading Product R&D

Aside from self-drilling screws, coated screws are also one of the core businesses of Sheh Fung. Chen said, “We noticed the trend and initiated our coated screw business more than 20 years ago. At that time, no one in Taiwan fastener industry was dedicated to this area. We were the first company in Taiwan to do so.” All these words reveal the unique insight of Sheh Fung into the market and its pioneering role in the industry.

- Leading Ideas of Certification and Environmental Protection

Being officially traded in the OTC market in 2017, Sheh Fung has been certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004, QC-080000 and its drywall screws, and self-drilling screws and chipboard screws have been also certified to CE. Through the continuous improvement year after year, Sheh Fung continues to receive many domestic and foreign certificates. One of its products for construction is also in the application for ETA, which is slated to be received by March 2019. 

Fearing No Challenge and Targeting Niche for Further Business Growth

Chen said, “It’s not easy to run a business for 45 years. Challenges and frustrations happen sometimes, but the most important point is if we could learn from mistakes we make and find out the niche for further development. The most significant feature of the entire team of Sheh Fung is their ability to solve problems. Their members would support each other and grow from solving problems. The procedure would be very difficult in the beginning, but the result would be very fruitful. We expect to be the pioneer in the industry and make sure everything is done well, in order to let customers see our effort and trust in our capabilities. This is also the critical base for us to strive for another 45 years.”

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