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Japanese Nitto Seiko Develops Displacement Correction Type Screw Fastening Robot with Camera Equipped to Achieve High Precision
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Nitto Seiko developed the "Displacement Correction Camera Equipped Yθ Screw Fastening Robot" that can use a camera to correct some workpieces that lead to misplacement during fastening, eliminating barriers that clients may encounter when introducing automated robots. 
Compared to rectangular coordinate screw fastening robots, Yθ Screw Fastening Robot (straight forward + circling) is substantially compact in terms of width. High precision and high performance fastening is achieved by its thrust control and the equipped AC servo screwdriver. Furthermore, the equipped correction camera can correct the displacement of workpieces that are to be fastened, improving fastening quality. By substantially saving width, introducing this robot into the production line will be easier, which helps foster automation of screw fastening.
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