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Ecosyn®-PXL Optimizes the Assembly of Lightweight Construction Panels and Foamed Plastic Materials
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The new ecosyn®-PXL is a screw developed by KVT-Fastening for which a patent application has been made. It has been specially designed for use in processing porous timber applications and materials with foamed materials based on PET or aluminum. The particular thread geometry ensures that the fastener can be set at any desired position without any risk of the working material splitting. Unlike the traditional screw, over-tightening is not possible and incorrect installation and damage are excluded. Furthermore, ecosyn®-PXL carries conviction with a very high resistance to vibration and a tear-out resistance of more than 400 N with a screw depth of 10 mm in lightweight wood paneling. Together with pot fasteners and mountings with plugs, the fastener can not only be used in several different ways, it can also be used repeatedly. No special tools or machines are needed for the installation of ecosyn®-PXL, they are tightened with standard Torx T20. The fastener is available in galvanized steel in lengths of 15 or 25 mm, while other lengths can be supplied by special request.

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