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Japanese Ohsato Rolls out 3 Types of Anti-rust Screws
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Ohsato Co., Ltd's "Power Anti-rust Coarse Thread Screw" and "Super Small Head Concrete Screw" adopts the "i-ONiS" self-healing coating developed by Ishitoku Rashi Co., Ltd. Additionally, the "Screw Preventing Wood Damage" does not cause damage wherever it is placed on wood.

The selling point of "Power Anti-rust Coarse Thread Screw" is its rust resistance. It has gone through self-healing electroplating to ensure it does not rust easily even if it is damaged. It is made of iron (SWCH18A), can  be 3.8 or 4.2 wide, and comes in 9 different lengths. On the other hand, the "Super Small Head Concrete Screw" exerts powerful galvanic corrosion prevention with galvanized steel plates and aluminum materials. It comes with high-low threads and V slots for easier driving and the ability to discharge scrapes from the hole to prevent clogging during fastening. Its lengths include 25, 32, and 38. The "Screw Preventing Wood Damage" comes with unichrome and black zinc plating versions. It diameters include 3.8 and 4.2, and lengths range from 25 to 90. Its tail is machined to the shape of o spear to prevent wood damage.

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